Leave it to the blokes

This week’s lecture started with the ambiguity of the definition of pornography.  I enjoyed the 9 minute clip at the beginning.  It got me thinking of how I view pornography and why I am so against it.  I must say that I do flip-flop with my thoughts.  I look at it from all directions, but end up pretty much against the industry.  This class has made me dig deep into what promotes my thoughts on this subject. I related to the clip on so many levels. I associated with the woman, and the men made me laugh.  I loved how Susan puts Steve on the spot describing the video he saw. When Steve quips “when man invented fire, he didn’t say ‘hey, let’s cook’, he said ‘great, now we can see naked bottoms in the dark’!”, that is a clear indication that Gibson’s quote, “the street tries to find its own uses for things” is right on track. He goes on to say that with every invention man twists its use to better suit their needs, the need to see woman’s naked bottoms! Internet is no exception.I must say I never thought there would be so much to discuss regarding pornography.  This class has proven me wrong. 

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