What are we teaching our children?

  I read Stefiesays blog and appreciated the article she sited.  Porn is all around us.  I have a husband who finds it interested and a son who at the age of 13 admitted to seeing a pop-up here and there while online. This is disturbing on so many levels since I have parental controls on my computer, but I am finding out nothing is fool proof.
The article sites different girls and how they conceive themselves through porn.  Not only at a very vulnerable age do they have to deal with looking like the supermodels in ads and magazines, but now their boyfriends are viewing pornographic material and expecting the girls to look and at times act as the “actresses” in these films.  What a disturbing lesson this teaches our youth. The boys learn this is acceptable even normal behavior and the girls learn to feel inadequate and self conscious because they don’t measure up.
            What Troy Busher states on the second page of the article is pretty much what I believe will be happening more and more.  Men start believing that they “own” their girlfriend’s/spouse’ body and feel a sense of entitlement to when, how much and where without the consent of the woman.  It is true that this is not spoken much in polite society, however, in my social circle, it comes up every once in awhile.
            I believe we have rights and freedoms, but we need to draw the line somewhere. Just because we have the freedom of speech, we cannot slander anyone. Therefore, porn industrialist can argue that they have the freedom to produce and distribute such material, however, they must be held responsible if it gets into the hands of innocent children.

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