A Mother’s Point of View

I read blogging4class’s post on Kids and Porn – I respectfully disagree with their thinking….

There is quite a difference between actively searching for porn, such as adolescents scrounging around for issues of Playboy, Hustler or Penthouse than there is for one that accidentally stumbles over it looking for something else online.

You are correct to say that those actively seeking will find a way, no matter what the medium is, be it magazines, videos or nowadays internet.  However, there is a vast amount of children out there that you may consider naive or just not with it, that have no idea how to OR have no desire to access this material. Therefore, we must protect those children as well as others from finding this “adult” material so easily. These are the children that will be scarred for life.

Side Note:  I am in my mid-30s with a 13 year old boy and 11 year old girl.  (I worry for them – they are certainly NOT mature enough to handle such visual material.) Years ago, believe it or not, I never had the desire or know-how to access such material. It was not until college in the late 80’s and early 90’s at UB that I was introduced to porn by my hallmates. 

However, I did have an experience in HS – my friend and I were running around the perimeter of the HS (we were on the track and field team and we were conditioning on our own).  The school was deserted except for a car that kept circling – we were wary.  Sure enough, the driver opened his door and we saw he had his pants dropped around his ankles and he was pleasuring himself. We ran faster in opposite direction and screamed. He took off.  We never reported it to the authorities.  That experience horrified me.  Did it scar me for life? Perhaps in some ways it did. For the most part it didn’t.  But that was one isolated incident.  And I was the victim.  I am sure since the man found some girls he can “use” at that location, he tried again and again. What I am trying to say is that if it works once, they will continue doing what they do. 

If children find it so easily on the net, they will access it time and time. It is so much easier finding this material online than it is at one’s home – depending on the home – If mom or dad don’t have it at home, it is less likely the children will have access to it (excluding – friends and their homes).  But majority of the people have internet and we welcome that into our homes every day of our lives.


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  1. Life & Porn; Porn & Life. » From a Students POV, in response to a Mothers POV Says:

    […] After Reading A Mothers Point of View I would like to disagree with it, but at the same time, cannot. As a 20yr old student, my perspective on porn and sexuality will be much different, there is no way around this. As a parent, she has a duty to protect her children from anything and everything harmful. […]

  2. blogging4class Says:

    mom – i appreciate your point of view you made me think about that side of it and i agree that it is scary. i was speaking more to curious kids who no matter what we do are still going to do what they are going to do. if they’re gonna surf for porn, they’re gonna surf for porn. i think as adults, we tend to get a little more fired up than they do, what scares the heck out of us, doesn’t even phase them. parents need to better control what comes through their kids’ computers, for some reason, parents take it for granted that because this thing is in their home, it’s fine, it’s not.

    see that’s why i said ask your older brothers, uncles (males) when they started seeking out those hustlers, us girls didn’t do that 🙂

    thanks again.

  3. Soon2BMrsA’s Blog - Much Ado about Nothing? Says:

    […] After reading a blog entry by Way 2 Much, I must say that I whole-heartedly agree with her opinion. There is a HUGE difference between actively searching for pornography on the internet, and being bombarded with such images without looking for them. Dr. Halavais mentioned a perfect example in the first lecture: a child using Google to search for pictures of ”horses” should not be subjected to seeing pornographic images. […]

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