Two responses in one

This is in response to MarkK and Pornocali.

I, myself was thinking the along the same lines that the Supreme Court has let us down with such an ambiguous finding on what is considered porn.  I posted a blog last week about the definitions but never mentioned how the Supreme Court failed us. I was however intending to post a new blog about our two new Supreme Court Justices and you opened the door for me.  Perhaps with Alito and Roberts now on the bench, more family values would be set.  Everyone is worried about Roe vs. Wade decision being overturned and are arguing that the Court should only be interpreting the law and not making the laws.

What we need to do is write to our local and state representatives encouraging them to come up with guidelines for the industry.  We need black and white guidelines and no gray areas.  However, everyone knows a good lawyer can fight anything, and that is where the Justices need to interpret the law and set precedents.  Hopefully they will interpret and uphold the rulings in favor of censorship over free speech.


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  1. Alex Halavais Says:

    I don’t think anyone wants obscenity definitions to be vague. The problem is that there is simply no way to satisfactorily draw a fine line. If you have one that avoids gray areas, by all means, tell us :).

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