Dateline: To Catch a Predator – A response

Hotchic just posted about Dateline NBC I too just got finished watching the show. I was disgusted to say the least.  I am not surprised however, even though these men can be my neighbor or my child’s teacher.  They too look like the guy next door.  It was sad watching some of them break down the way they did.  Most acknowledged they knew what they were doing and even called themselves sick.

When asked what they all had in common, Chris said it was the Internet!  24 hour access to aid in their addiction.  No woman were involved in this type predatory offense.  Just men.  And they come in all ages, races, and income levels. All walks of life.

What is further upsetting is that some were repeat offenders.  They quoted a number of 10% repeat the crime.  My thought is this is inaccurate.  My belief is that more repeat the crime, it is just 10% that get caught.

This is a very scary concept.  I speak to my children weekly about the dangers of cyberspace.  They know that they cannot be certain of who is on the other side of the chat.  They still call me to the computer to check it out if they do not recognize the screen name – that seeks them out.  I always tell them to just ignore them.  I checked to make sure they are not on MySpace or Facebook like Rachel had stated in her blog. They are not there, but I know their friends are.  My son had asked to put his info out there and I had told him no and the reasons behind my answer.  I may sound like I am tooting my horn and claiming to be a great mother, but believe me, this is a struggle that goes on daily.  We can never let our guard down.  I think I am going to email my son about isafe so that he can see for himself how to take precautions.  He is at the age where if I talk to him, he clams up and gets embarassed, but this is too important to not let him see. I am trying to log onto the website however, I cannot reach it – I guess everyone who watched the show is trying to do the same.

Check out the website that transcribes the show.  It will be repeated tomorrow.  Check your listings – it is worth it.


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