Two years ago, a friend told me she was going to a “lingerie party”.  She said it was an at home based business where the consultant comes to your home and you invite your friends over and depending on the sales, the host gets free products.  I warned her it was not what she thought.  She laughed at me.  The following week she told me I was right.  It was a sex toy party!  She sampled edible powders, lotions and gels.  Small appliances were passed around, and if you knew my friend and heard her explanations, you would be rolling on the floor.

A year later, another friend, soon after her divorce, decided to have this same type party.  I attended.  We had a ball!  The consultant brought out games for us to play – I won!  She passed around the edible goodies for us to try and even placed a heat activation lubricant in the bathroom for us to try.  No one wanted to go into the bathroom and be accused of trying the product.

These parties are known as Passion Parties and they were started in 1994.  I cannot find any additional information on it.  I know it was started by a woman and it is a business for woman!  This threw the whole sensuality and sexuality into the limelight of many housewives in a fun nonthreatening way.  The consultant talked openly and gave guests suggestions on how to please their man and how to get pleasure in return!  No one took the night seriously, except perhaps the consultant herself.  But she was laughing all the way to the bank, that is for sure!  This was an important milestone in regards to pornography in my opinion since it targets mainstream America – PTA moms, soon to be brides etc.  It may seem like a gag, but the money it makes is unbelievable.  And woman just love to buy edible anything!  It pushed private matters into public talk and made it seem all normal!

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  1. Wendy Says:

    If you haven’t found any more info on Passion Parties and you would like more on it’s beginnings, feel free to email me.

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