Re: Commercials

I just got finished watching the Superbowl myself and agree with this posting.  I do believe last year’s “wardrobe malfunction” and the fines imposed left a lasting impression.  Although when the first Commercial for Dominoes came on with Jessica Simpson, I thought it was going to be all like that.  (I thought it to be inappropriate that she was seducing a teenager – my husband got mad that I was dissecting the commercials and ordered me out if I was going to continue!)(By the way you should have seen his eyes when the commercial started!)  However, I only counted 4 “sex sells” ads and 2 iffy ones.  The Burger King ad with the ladies dressed as toppings definitely had sexual overtones especially when they called themselves “hard core”.  I think it was Diet Pepsi with P. Diddy that was sensual but not over the top.  There was the commercial – again not bad.  Dancing with the Stars showed some heat but not altogether bad either. 

It wasn’t until after the Super Bowl that things got steamy!  Grey’s Anatomy started off with the 3 female interns taking a shower together.  It ended up being someone’s (male) dream, but I am sure it got the attention of all the male viewers, just like it intended.

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