If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen

I like the idea Walfredo mentions about having a specific search engine for porn only.  How many times can someone innocently searching for sneakers or any other item or subject online become a victim of unsolicited information that can be offensive to them. 

Children are innocent among all others.  An image can stick with them forever, even if it was seen for only a split second.  Studies show that it takes 10 positive things either said or done to a person to outweight the 1 negative feeling (from words or actions) they experienced.    How many times have we heard negative things in a day.  Just count how many times we have been put down or we put someone else down in a given 24 hour period.  We need to borrow other people’s hands and fingers to keep count.  Do we honestly do positive things 10 fold in that same time-frame?  I think not!  This goes for visual images, I suppose, as well. One image of pornography or spoken words about pornographic actions can stick with a child forever.  It is hard to reverse.  We must protect the innocent and I agree whole-heartedly that a separate search engine for those wanting to search be available to them yet not to the young and the young at heart.

It is true however, that the truly curious will be able to get their hands on it, but at least this will help the innocent searcher from having an experience that would upset them.  I am not that learned with computers or software; therefore, I cannot think of a way a search engine can be designed to prevent under-aged viewing, without violating the rights of the industry or legal aged viewer.  But if there is a way, I would most definitely like to see it put into place.  I am sure with technology today, it is possible.


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