Does anyone else see the connection?  The Clinton administration comes into power and the prosecution of the adult industry takes a staggering decline according to the Frontline video we viewed. 
Supposedly Clinton does not think the adult industry was important enough to continue to monitor and control.   Apparently, he was a fan! 
I mean look at his track record, he was busy enjoying cigars, interns and blue dresses to address such issues as the USS Cole bombing, the first attack on the World Trade Center and numerous other scenarios that led to the most tragic day in our history. 
By ignoring the terrorist then, he allowed it to escalate to such a height that once the second Bush administration regained control of the country, all their energies had to be focused on the war on terrorism, leaving no available resources to take on the adult industry once again.
Within the last 14 years, the adult industry took advantage of the leeway it received and expanded their market continuing to make it one of the most profitable industries ever.
So in my opinion, Clinton will be known as the president who placed sex in the forefront of many Americans in more ways than one.  Anyone care to comment?


2 Responses to “CLINTON, INTERNS AND 9-11”

  1. PerfectlyImbalanced Says:

    This is an interesting premise but I think you are doing way too much over-generalizing. To say that Clinton was too busy having sex to notice terrorism is a bit simplistic since the Lewinsky affair took place during a a relative short period of time during his 8 years as President. It just so happens that because of his lying to the public (not the affair) led to the notorious impeachment, Clinton will always be associated with cigars and sex. (Too bad, since it will always overshadow all of the benefits we enjoyed under his leadership.)

    As for the idea that terrorism was alloed to grow because of a fixation on sex, I think you’re comparing apples to airplanes. The failings of intelligence related to terrorism go way beyond Clinton’s presidency. The WTC I and U.S.S. Cole bombings were not the first terroist attacks agains the United States. (Look at incidents under Bush I, Reagan, Carter, etc.) The breakdown in communication among the CIA, FBI, NSA and the Pentagon are the reasons we were unable to predict and stop the events of 9/11. It was bureacracy that allowed 9/11, not the trysts of two consenting adults in the oval office.

    Perhaps Clinton could have done more to streamline the communication of these intelligence agencies. But who knew the system was broken? And if they did know, why didn’t Bush address it when he came to power? Only after the 9/11 reports were any of these problems even recognized.

    You seem to be giving credit to Clinton for the growth of the porn industry yet it is an “honor” that he really doesn’t deserve. Maybe the porn industry grew to an all-time high, in terms of profits and market penetration. But is that because Clinton was a fan? Or could it be that it was durring Clinton’s two terms as president that Web technology exploded onto the media scene (1994-1995)?

    It is my opinion that if 9/11 had occured under Clinton, he probably would have had to cutail his porn habits and put all of his energies in an all-out war on terror. But I would also be willing the wager that he would not have invaded Iraq and as such we might not be funelling billions of dollars from the domestic arena (including oversight of the porn industry.) It’s also logical to predict that the money now spent hunting terrorist could have been put into a war on child pornography or the pursuit of internet predators since Osama bin laden would probably have been caught by now.

  2. Dan Says:

    You couldn’t have said it more spot on. I read a great book called Dereliction of Duty ( about Clinton endangering america. Great, short read.

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