Cyber Clutter

How many out there are dealing with too much clutter?  I for one have tackled magazines, newspapers, junk mail and numerous other paper materials to get some organization in my world.  I have piles everywhere needing my attention.  Filing has become a full time job.

 What does this have to do with Cyberporn or society?  We live in a society for the here and now.  Think back, way back to 8 track cassettes – I was just a little girl listening to my father’s collection and it was obsolete even then.  Fast forward a bit to 45s and 78s. (Recently my family was in a retro diner where the walls were decorated with records and my children asked if they were some sort of frisbee. My husband choked on his icecream – if you could do that!)  Continue further to cassettes and now CDs.  In my short lifespan – longer than most of yours – but still short to me, I have seen so many different technological advances for listening to music.

 Where is this all going?  Magazines.  People would subscribe to a magazine and have all month to read it, carry it anywhere.  Now people could subscribe online to the magazine, get one in an email, or just log onto the site and view its contents.  One downfall to this method, you can’t carry it around everywhere you go, no trains, no bathrooms, no anywhere except by your desk where your computer is unless you print out the articles of particular interest.  On the flip side it doesn’t take up room and add to your piles of clutter!

But what about pornography? According to Dr. Halavais, “websites were adjunct to drivng magazine subscriptions”.  However, the tide has been reversed! Websites are the number one way to reaching customers, especially porn!  The magazines send you to their websites for more! Think about the discretion.  Normally, Playboy or any other magazine would be mailed to the subscriber in a paper sack so no one can tell what is being mailed.  The postal worker usually knew it was something “seedy” anyway.  Now they can just get it on their computer.  No paper trails to speak of in the sense that the magazine would not be left around for someone else to see.  On the computer it is up on the screen one minute and if someone is to walk in – off in another (seconds even). 

Times are changing – the internet is changing the way everyone deals with things.  I still get my clutter of papers, but it is so much easier to get it online.  My local newspaper is now encouraging subscribers to view additional material on its website.  It might not be too far away for it all to be online and no more recycling old newspapers and magazines for our children and grandchildren.  It will all turn to clearing out your files and creating more free space on the computers.

Pornography in a sense could take credit for some of these advances.  Were they the ones who initiated the online magazine format? Perhaps not, but they definitely took advantage of the opportunity and now everyone is jumping on the bandwagon so to speak, my newspaper included!


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  1. bill Says:

    I love your site

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