Yeah it happens but in my hometown?

I was instant messaging with a friend and he sends me a link to check our local online news.  Something about 3 High School boys raping a woman who was on a date with her boyfriend and they even forced the guy to watch.   

I don’t know much about that because I was driven to this article instead, Internet sex sting nets 24 predators. Read this article – does it sound familiar? it should… we discussed this very thing just about a week ago when it aired on Dateline. 

But My God this is in my backyard.  What is even scarier is that 2 of the men live in my neighborhood.  I looked at the 24 pictures and details about each man.  They all live within a 10 mile radius from me and my family, but these 2 are right here. While watching Dateline a few weeks back, I thought to myself, “Wow, that can happen here” and here it is!

If you think your neck of the woods is safe….I urge you think again!

Perhaps you can dig up some information on your hometown – I’d be interested if you found something. Let me know!


One Response to “Yeah it happens but in my hometown?”

  1. Way 2 Much - Radio reporter caught in child-porn sting Says:

    […] First of all this is the second article I found pertaining to our discussions that ocurred in my hometown. Read about my first. Now here we are again, this time there was no intent, that I know of, to engage in any solictiation of minors. […]

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