My children are starving….

I got your attention!

While reading the blogs this morning….and everyday since beginning this class, I came across one I would like to comment on.  Actually, I would love to comment on everyone's but like this title says, there is not enough time in a week and I really have to go food shopping to stock my home so my children can eat!  (Can you believe they are complaining!)

Which brings me to my response to MightyMo who asks "I just don’t understand how an industry can be so large and people know virtually nothing about it? "  Well, my belief is that pornography is a lot like alcohol and gambling and drugs.  I believe it is an addiction and once you get a taste of it, you can't get enough. 

Take my example for starters.  I never heard of Danni or her website, never heard of or AVN, etc, etc. I can go on and on.  My husband, who I have stated in other postings, is like any other male in this world – if he is able to see a naked girl, or two having sex with each other or another male or whatever, he is going to watch.  I added to his pleasure by emailing him the cartoon of Bert and Ernie.  I thought it was funny!  Anyway, so did he.  I showed him the website although I typed in  I introduced him to another site he knew nothing about!  Good going!  I am an idiot – but I digress.

My main point and to answer the question, is that this is addicting, even for me.  There is so much out there that we do not know about, so how could it be so successful?  Because the few that are in it, support it in a big way.  I have never been to Foxwoods, Las Vegas or Atlantic City, but gambling is a big industry as well.  (Although this is a poor example since most people, unless living in isolation, have heard of these places.)

I believe the majority of the population have not heard of these websites, companies, etc. because they are not looking for it.  Seek and you shall find.  Seek more and you shall find more.  Seek more and you will want more. And you will pay for it.  And even though there is a large population enjoying it, there is even a larger population not even knowing it exists. But the ones that know it is there are dropping every penny into the industry to keep themselves satisfied and the big companies happy too!  That is how it is such a big money maker.  It is an addiction and like most addictions, people will pay big to feed it. 


2 Responses to “My children are starving….”

  1. mightymo Says:

    Yes, I agree with you that pornography is very addicting therefore I want to watch it more and more, because there is so much out there that I do not know about, but do you really think that is why we don’t know about the industry? If you told me or my grandma about alcohol addiction we both could tell you a story or two about someone we knew.. but for porno that is not the case, maybe because society doesn’t accept problems like that or maybe we just don’t know anyone with the issue. But the question of asking my Grandma about women having sex with horses, or the amount of money the industry makes per year would floor her! Until watching the lectures I wouldn’t have know this, why is that? Billions of dollars, the came amount of money that could save millions of people or fund a small country are being used by Americans to indulge in this sexual business. I think the aspect of addiction you talk about feeds this industry, thats how they are making the money, and like addiction this money is being swept under the rug and not talked about. But my question is still why? How? What if Wal*Mart was a secret business and we didn’t know that they made millions of dollars? How come that is not keep from consumers, going to Wal*Mart can be an addiction to!!

  2. Denny Soinski Says:

    When I think of an addiction, I try to think of the “trigger” for the addiction. For instance, regarding drug and alcohol dependency, I think of people trying to escape from the psychological and physical pain they are experiencing. With gambling, it seems that the thrill of betting can be the trigger. With porn, the trigger is sex or more specifically repressed sex.
    My hunch is that if people could find a more healthy and productive way to deal with their pain, with their need for excitement, or with their need for sex, significantly less people would be hooked on drugs, alcohol, gambling, or on porn.
    If research confirms this viewpoint, a key part in future addiction therapy might be a focus on finding healthy, non-destructive, and creative ways for people to satisify their needs, desires, and passions.


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