Let’s Chat

I won’t get rid of my AOL.

I don’t want to get rid of my chat features!  I love instant messaging with friends and family.  I get a kick out of how slow my dad types; I can get up from my desk and make myself a cup of coffee and come back and he will be just posting “fine and you”!  I love this feature.  My friends say I can get rid of AOL and just use AIM, but I am a creature of habit.  I won’t get rid of AOL no matter how bad I think it is.

So when Alan Weiner, former Dataquest analysis, reports to Daily News as stated in Perdue’s article ePocrisy “If AOL eliminated CHAT, you’d see the subscriber base go from 8 million to 1 million faster than you could spit.”, I understood exactly what he was saying.  I would be one of the 7 million that drops AOL.  I mean I am paying $50 a month to Cablevision for broadband service.  Why would I spend another $14 to have AOL too?  Like I stated above, it is for the CHAT features. 

However, I must note, I was astonished at how CHAT is synonymous with SEX.  Naive me thought everybody liked to link with friends and family, not meet new people for the sole intent of hooking up.  I have the little icon on top for People Connection – I always thought it to be ridiculous and thought the rest of the world did too, but not according to Perdue’s article.

15,000 chat room with 82% devoted to sex!  I am living in a bubble!  Although when I first got my computer, I spent a lot of time on Gamehouse.com playing Tetris and Candy Cruncher and all other fun games that wasted my days.  They have a chat bar running down the side of the game screen.  I am trying to “WIN” but I see this dialogue going on next to me and I can’t help but read along.  It was like eavesdropping and it was wonderful and entertaining!  Most of it was clean, however, one guy comes on and asks if anyone wants to have sex.  I think to myself, “there is always one in the crowd, must be an immature teenager and just wants to shake everyone up.”  He asks again and then someone else just types “Wrong room”.  I think nothing of it until I read this article.  This guy must have been sincere with his intentions and the occupants knew it and most of all knew of another room in which he intended to enter.  I just didn’t know!

I am tempted to search online for a chat room and see what I can find.  But I am chicken as well.  I don’t want any links to child pornography or anything I find disdainful.  I don’t want to be red-flagged and I don’t want to participate unknowingly in anything illegal. Yeah, I know I am chicken, what can I say. But I won’t get rid of my AOL – even knowing they look the other way. It makes me sick that they allow this to go on, so why don’t I boycott the company and cancel my subscription, because sad to say, I am a ePocrit. If it doesn’t hurt me, I don’t care. 


5 Responses to “Let’s Chat”

  1. Fear and Blogging in UB » Says:

    […] After reading this post I must comment with something that I have wondered about for a long time. It is astonishing that AOL still has as much of a user base as they do after offering the AOL Instant Messenger service for free. Basically everyone I know uses AIM, and it is rare to see someone even access the AOL program. […]

  2. sanu Says:

    plzz…chat with me

  3. cragzy Says:

    wots up

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  5. Jamie Says:

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