This week there was so much information – I will focus on just this one about companies hiding their assets and my assumption as to why.

Middle America likes to have their little secrets, from how much income they bring in, what learning disabilities their children may have and yes, even what they do in their leisure time. But they also love to flaunt other things, their upcoming vacations, their child’s amazing sporting accomplishment, their interior decorator.  You get the point. 
But they have a dirty little secret as well.  There is a notion that sex is bad in America; that is, if sex is being sought with someone other than your partner.  It is all a social stigma – the pure wholesome family white picket fence and all.  If your husband is watching porn, you must not be satisfying him enough that he has to go look elsewhere or that he is a creep and there is something wrong with him.  This is not true but the stigma is there. So Middle America keeps it quiet and pretends it is not present.  No one talks about it.
Corporate America seems to have the same secret.  If Corporate America wants to make money they have to play the same game everyone else does.  MCI, Marriot, Verio, AOL and other companies own and have some stake in the adult industry.  They may provide software infrastructure and delivery systems for porn in all its many variations.  But not many people would know this.  I, for one, did not.
Many brokerage analysis, investment bankers and venture capitalist would deny involvement. Yet they depended more on sex for survival.  Many companies that did not carry sex went under. So others decided it best for their investments to provide porn in one form or another.  Sex sells. Why don’t we know about this though? 

Adelphia’a example of providing a XXX channel brings to mind a few other examples. I believe Adelphia never went through with the plan.  I remember hearing somewhere that it was in place either 3 weeks or 3 months and it was shut down.  Not entirely sure of what is true, but my guess is that the AFA came into play.  “The American Family Association represents and stands for traditional family values, focusing primarily on the influence of television and other media – including pornography – on our society.”  I am a member – I don’t know how it happened but I started getting emails from them.  So I know about everything that hits the airwaves and how they want to stop it.  They send out emails getting their members to write to whomever it is to get their message across.  Take for example “Book of Daniel”, NBC took it off the air after only one or two weeks because the sponsors decided to pull out due to pressure from the AFA.  Another example is the February 6th episode of Las Vegas.  I was going to show the clip from the show that they found offensive but they took it off their website because some of the members were offended it was there. (It was of a pole dancer in a strip club and it focused on the girl for a very long time!) They asked us to contact the FCC and send them our reactions/comments about the show airing during primetime hours.  If you watch the clip you could see how some people can become upset by this.
So this is why I believe the big companies keep quiet about their involvement.  The more people know the more opposition they will get.  And if the right people lean hard enough, they will crumble.  The Christian groups make up a vast majority of America.  I believe they will rise up and fight the “mainstreaming” of pornography.  Once they set their mind to it, one show at a time, they will damage the industry. I believe it will be a hard battle to fight and they may not even win, but I predict it will come nonetheless.  It will be interesting to see where it leads. I think it at least will set the industry on notice and cause them to be more careful in its filtering to the public.

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