An apology if I offended anyone

This is a direct response to Jessie‘s post about ignorance. 

I commented directly to him, but I feel I need to address the class as a whole too.

First off I would like to apologize if you think I may have offended someone in this class and if indeed I did I apologize to them as well – I apparently offended you.  I did not intend for either of my post to do that. 
I do not agree wholeheartedly with what ICE said, just some parts.  As far as what I said you misunderstood me tremendously. 

I DID NOT CALL THESE MEN TRASH –  I said that the reason was trash.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have used such a strong word.  I simply meant, I was not buying their reasoning, and I don’t think many people in society would either.  I am far from homophobic, I have many different freinds from all walks of like, as does my husband.

Second, I am not ignorant and if you use God’s name again, please capitalize it.  You and everyone else who types God’s name offend me when it is not capitalized and I am not a fanatic Christian. I would capitalize your name if I knew it.

Third, free will is stated as a gift from God, it is true that some societies do not allow their people to exercise free will openly without repurcussions. However that is FREEDOM, not free will. 

Fourth, yes I do feel the same way about woman in porn movies.  I do not share their same values.  I am someone who believes in a committed relationship and no amount of money in the world would make me deviate from that – and that is my belief not some brainwashing done by Christian values.  BUT I do not think they are evil, beneath me, or in any way less valued as an individual. 

I  love my neighbor as myself – I would never intentionally hurt anyone nor would I put anyone down either.  What people do in their lives is their business, and who am I to judge.  And who are you to judge me?


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  1. way2much Says:

    I incorrectly stated that Jessie was a he when indeed Jessie is a she – sorry for the error.

  2. PerfectlyImbalanced Says:

    From Webster’s

    Main Entry: god
    Pronunciation: ‘gäd also ‘god
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Middle English, from Old English; akin to Old High German, got god

    1 capitalized : the supreme or ultimate reality: as a) : the Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshiped as creator and ruler of the universe b) Christian Science : the incorporeal divine Principle ruling over all as eternal Spirit : infinite Mind
    2 : a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship; specifically : one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality
    3 : a person or thing of supreme value
    4 : a powerful ruler

    You should not be offended when the term “god” is not capitalized. The English language only requires that it be capitalized by those who subscribe to the first definition stated above. Now, if “God” was a proper name–I recall from my Sunday School classes, that the Christian “God” has no name–then capitaliztion would be justified.

    I often use the form [G]od in my written discussions. It is a means of respecting others’ belief in the Christian “God” without implying my own deification of that being. I’m unsure of whether it is offensive. But I would think that my using the term “God” to refer to an entity that I do not necessarily see as “the supreme or ultimate reality” as hypocritical and thus more offensive to those who do.

  3. Alex Halavais Says:

    Offence is a funny thing, and I’m not sure Webster’s has anything near the last call on this. Just because Webster’s says it’s OK, doesn’t mean it will not offend.

    That said, we need to be especially tolerent when it comes to people’s choices. I think it would be overkill to ask people to use G/god (not to mention terribly anoying), so as to keep atheists and Christians both happy.

    I tend to use (little g) god when writing about gods, whether they are the Christian god or not, in large part out of respect for those who have a god other than God. I can understand why it might grate to see it written that way, and symbols do matter, but I think there are more useful things to be offended by, if that makes sense.

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