Self evaluations are so hard.  Let’s take a moment and think about that.  Give yourself a good evaluation and people may think you are obnoxious and so full of yourself.  If you give yourself a bad evaluation, people may think you don’t entirely feel good about yourself, and perhaps suffer from low self esteem (or that you are just being blatantly honest!). 

     With that said, let’s see where I fall into that spectrum.

     I really enjoy reading everyone’s blog.  I wish I can read them ALL and respond. How many others find yourself blogging in your head? I mean I am driving in the car wishing I had a recorder so I can immortalize every thought, so that when I get home I can run to my computer and type!  It’s a sickness!  I go to bed at night and think of more things to say and post.  I wake up and there it is again.  I mentioned in my previous posts that I have a family that needs to be taken care of.  They’re being neglected!

     OK – on with my evaluation of my blog.  According to our syllabus, there are different criteria for each grade level.  I will not give myself a letter grade; don’t want to jinx myself! I will just point out the facts, that is, what my blogs contain.

    I have 25 posts with 21 comments total.  In six weeks that is an average of 4 posts each week – I started out as a Math major!  Twelve of the twenty-five post have comments, some having multiple responses. In all fairness one or two of the comments are from me and one is the welcome comment from my original post! I don’t think that is too bad.  The amount of comments I have leads me to believe that there are people out there who read my post and feel compelled to respond. I was actually hoping for more comments and one particular blog I posted intentionally to create some controversy went unnoticed. I think this was due to the trouble with the aggregator at the time.  Anyway, I did get one response to that post but it was a few weeks later and I have yet to respond back.  That is definitely one of my weaknesses and I would like to work on that.  I feel I need to have more of a give and take discussion with my readers especially if they took the time to comment. 
     Our assignment usually entails one comment on another’s post.  I have at least nine links to other posts commenting on what they have wrote, either agreeing or respectfully disagreeing or bringing up another point of view.  And I must make a side note here.  I am under the impression that we are to voice our opinions and back up our statements by referencing outside sources.  I believe I do that in a respectful manner; however I have read many posts that do not and many that do it more eloquently than I. This class is a scholarly study on pornography and its societal influences and vice versa.  I think if a personal view is brought into a post it should be tolerated and not attacked. If someone is offended they should say so in a diplomatic way.  I see a lot of posts that attack and others that get defensive.  I’d like to see that change, but perhaps people like that sort of controversy. I personally think that if we are talking about society, all opinions count, since there are many out there, whether they demonstrate intellectual thoughts or otherwise.
     In addition, our assignment requires a comment on the lectures.  I try to comment on each lecture separately unless it is linked in some way.  I also, comment on the readings.  I am sure my posts are at least 200 words as it seems to be difficult for me to cut things short and sweet!  Sometimes though, less is best and like Dr. Halavais has stated it is the quality not the quantity that matters.

     I reference outside sources, yet I don’t believe I do this enough.  I do peruse the internet and look certain things up but I don’t always address it in my blog. I can definitely work harder to fix this and incorporate more of my research to back up facts and opinions stated in my blog.

     In summary, I believe my strengths are consistent blogging, keeping up with the assignments and 95% of the time my grammar and punctuation is accurate. My weaknesses that I need to work on entails responding to comments, citing more references/individual research and making sure my thesis is strong and my point comes across as intended.

     I hope you enjoyed reading my analysis!  Comments and feedback are always welcome! 

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