I read the same article and you should too.

I saw this post from jhrake.

I, too, read the article in the Parade.  I love that magazine; unfortunately, my hometown newspaper decided to carry a different weekly.  However, I was at my mom’s and there lying on her kitchen table was the February 19th issue of Parade.  For obvious reasons, it caught my attention and I told her I was “stealing” the paper from her!

I read the article and agreed with what Andrew Vachss reported, including his opinions, his ideas for a solution, in essence his whole article.  I tried to use the link posted by the original author and it did not work.  I don’t know if it was an error on my server or if it is a universal problem.  Their link showed it going to the proper page, however, I don’t know what went wrong.  (I am still having a problem with my creation of a link to the post for whatever reason – citing internal server problem.)

Like I said though, I think we should all read this interesting article if you haven’t already. If jhrake’s link proves to be a problem,  you can access the article at www.parade.com and search the term “child pornography”.  It will give you 8 choices, the first one is the article.

Some particular quotes that I find compelling are as follows:

“Child pornography has expanded in a business so profitable it is no longer limited to pedophiles.”  I found this to be quite interesting, yet since it is a business, I suppose investors and entrepenours would be in it for the profits, not necessarily having to agree with the content of the material.

“Statistics show that child pornography is the fastest-growing of all Internet businesses estimated to bring in several billion dollars a year.”  Since taking this class, this number does not shock me, but I do find it appalling.

“Images on the Internet can never be destroyed. The only things ‘used up’ in the child pornography business are its victims.”  That is what is so scary about the Internet, once it is out there, there is no going back.  Can you imagine years from now, victim’s grandchildren stumbling on this thinking “hey that sort of looks like me!”

“Every purchase of child pornography encourages further growth of this evil business….”  Some post suggest by pedophiles having videos, it would deter them from seeking out others to satisfy their urges.  I disagree completely and believe it further feeds them and the more they see the more they want.

Personal arousal, desensitizing potential victims, lowering chld’s resistance and personal validation are some reasons Vachss states as why pedophiles view and use child porn.

He proposes we first, must raise the stakes. “With higher penalties, some predators will be deterred. Those who aren’t can be locked away for a long time.” Second, we must eliminate the statute of limitations on acts involving the production of such material.  We must enact federal laws that will allow predators to be “stripped of their property and profits, which can be held in escrow until their victims are identified.” We must recognize this as an international crime and work with other countries whom we do business with, so that offenders have no protection, no matter where they reside. And finally, “we must acknowledge that a war cannot be fought without resources, and then demand that our legislators commit those resources.

Why shouldn’t we protect our children?

After trying to link to the article through Parade and failing, I decided to do further research and see exactly who Andrew Fachss is.  I have not finished going through the website yet, but he has a mission and he seems to be well credited. I look forward to reading more about him and his causes. I encourage you to do so as well. Perhaps, being disgusted by all this is not enough, we should be able to do something to help.


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  1. jhrake Says:

    I’m so glad you feel the same way. I too have read up some more on Andrew Vachss and he is a strong advocate against the abuse of children in ALL aspects of life, including, but not limited to, pornography. Although I think all of us have a much more positive view on the world of pornography and the positive aspects of it after everything we’ve learned in class so far, I’m glad that from what I’ve seen, most of us are aware that involving children is a problem that truly needs to be dealt with immediatly.
    PS- Nice job with your post! I like 🙂

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