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Girls Gone Wild
And I am sure countless other pornography industries are being sued.
I came across this blog and it reminded me of what I saw in the paper the other day.  First, I want to say that I can see your point, but one second of flashing the crowd at Mardi Gras is different than having millions be able to view your action over and over again on video.  I saw a documentary done a few years ago about Girls Gone Wild. It was stated that girls signed release forms and acceptance that their pictures/actions would be on the video.  The girls then proceeded to get highly intoxicated to ‘get up the nerve’ to go wild! Anyway, it would be interesting to see if this particular girl did or did not sign a waiver.

This now reminds me of what is happening with Playboy. From what I understand Jessica Alba is extremely upset that Playboy is featuring her on the cover of their March 2006 issue.  Her lawyer states that this leads the reader to believe there are more explicit pictures of her in the magazine – which there aren’t any. 

Last year, Playboy approached Alba and offered her the cover; she declined but did allow them to use a publicity photo to accompany their article on the 25 Sexiest Celebrities for the inside of the magazine. 

It seems to me like Playboy played dirty. And now Alba wants compensation “for the damages and immeasurable harm caused to her good name, reputation and career.” To see the letter that threatens legal action go to More information can be found on as well.

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