To Spam or not to Spam – a question of respectability

Vivid seems like a reputable company.  That statement may seem weird since Vivid is an adult entertainment business that specializes in producing adult erotica.  Usually one doesn’t link reputable and “pornography” in the same sentence. 

Why is that?

I thought about this for awhile and came up with a few reasons.  First, when I think of pornography I think of sleaze and forced involvement.  But after watching some of the Vivid contract girls speak about their work, I realize this is something they truly enjoy doing.  O’Toole’s article cements that notion as well.  These actors clearly enjoy their job, and are respected workers and in no way forced to perform.

Second, when I think of online pornography, I think of all the emails and pop-ups my husband received through his optonline account.  True, he may have ventured onto some sites that “targeted” him; however, it does not give them the right to send him message after message luring him into opening the email by using a catchy subject line such as “Hi, sorry it took so long to respond.”  It leads the user to believe that there is a personal connection there and they just don’t recognize the email address.  
The pop-ups are another example.  One comes on the screen and you are locked in.  The “X” at the upper right hand corner just traffics you to another pop-up and so on and so forth, until you have to shut your computer down to stop the madness.  This in your face advertising is what gives the industry a sleazy reputation.

Third, the names these actors use, the “nom de porn” are absurd.  They are borderline laughable.  How does one take the business seriously if they are watching people with names like Candida Royalle (makes me think of a yeast infection – yuck), Woody Long, Julie Rage, and Seymore Butts to name just a few.  I realize most actors use a screen name to separate their work from their personal life; however, these names are a bit over the top. 

Vivid seems like a reputable company.  If more companies were like Vivid, monitoring their business, respecting their employees and taking pride in their final projects, perhaps pornography can get its persona out of the gutter and into mainstream acceptance.  On the other hand, if the small companies, in their effort to get recognized, continue to use the deceitful methods of advertising, pornography will always be linked with underhanded, sleazy ethics.  It is up to Vivid and reputable companies like them to set up a guild for the industry and monitor the business by setting up guidelines for all “players” to abide by. Perhaps then more people will be less against the industry and see it as a respectable business in which subsequently they can either choose to view or not view the material.

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