Three for me!

     I am drawn to quite a few posts.  I try to read on a regular basis and I find myself reading particular people’s post more than others.  Now that I must comment on the ones I favor, I draw a blank!  Why is that?  I break under pressure!  How frustrating!

     Soon2BMrsA’s is one that I find myself reading.  I don’t just look at the postings that day – I tend to look on the sidebar and purposely see what she has to say.  I find her blogs to be interesting and I tend to agree with her statements.

     PourNoCoffee – I think this blog has a catchy title.  I think his blogs are consistent and have a lot of detail and he uses much of his life experiences.  I like that he tries to bring the Asian culture into his blogging as well. His pictures are great too!

     I also like Steez blog for a number of reasons. I enjoy reading his posts.  I do not have to struggle through because it is always well written, intelligent and interesting.  I also agree with most things he has to say.

      The above blogs are ones that I read regularly. There are others that constantly bring in outside sources or ones that try to engage dialogue by asking questions and requesting responses.  But these are the ones I connect with most.  I also read everybody’s post who has responded to me and I enjoy keeping up with what they have to say – even Jessie – she makes some excellent points and I enjoy reading hers as well. I have to say I think this was one of the hardest assignments yet!

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