Michael Lucas – just a few questions

I’ve read Michael Lucas’ essay and browsed his blog and website.   I would like to stress that I am not a homophobe nor do I begrudge the gay community of any rights as citizens of this country. I have friends and family that are homosexual and I see the struggles they encounter. With that said I would like to address a few items that troubled me and would like to pose some questions for Michael.

Michael makes references about Matthew Shepard and uses this tragedy to support his strong, opinions and convictions, which is commendable.  He has a cause and is not afraid to fight for it.

However, I noticed a few discrepancies and if you will, contradicting comments about what he writes and what he does.

My first question to Michael would be, how could you say that you ask a model if they have had unprotected sex and if they answer “yes” you will not hire them.  Then promote John Paulus on the Howard Stern show and stand behind him as he “outs” Clay Aiken.  It is stated in one of your blogs that John mentions having bareback sex (unprotected sex) with Clay.  If this is true, why is he performing in a movie of yours? I thought your policy was that you would turn  him away for his “irresponsible behavior” and would not want to risk your other actors’ health.  Why is this any different?  What makes John an exception to the rule? [please don’t say it is because the act wasn’t filmed] I won’t even go into the fact that I disagree wholeheartedly that one, regardless of celebrity status, political figures, or housewife, should be outed by another. But it does lead me to my second question.

You seem to be all about gay rights and the freedoms that are denied to them.  Yet, and please correct me if I am wrong, you also seem to put down others that don’t conform to your way of thinking and behaving, whether it be a person you may consider a “homophobe” or a person who wishes not to be “out” at this time.  You seem to want to push your beliefs on others yet get defensive if someone tries to do that to you.  Don’t you think we should all be tolerant of each other?

Finally, along those lines, you mention that “by distancing themselves from the adult gay community, media channels effectively stigmatize the porn star and his fans. There is no outlet for healthy expression of gay sexuality in mainstream media today.  To that effect, gay porn serves as a necessary outlet in homosexual society.”  It is known that many shun porn in general, not just gay porn; have you ever thought to bring homosexuality to main stream media? Perhaps, your talent can be what the gay community needs instead of depicting gay men as clownish or troubled. If you haven’t tried to go mainstream, what are your reasons, and if you have, what were your obstacles?

Thank you for reading my questions and I look forward to your answers. (I would have provided links but thought best not to do so at this time.)

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