It’s funny how things suddenly attract your attention

I read the newspaper everyday.

I pour myself a cup of coffee and I sit at my kitchen table and read the paper cover to cover – even the sports, business and lifestyle sections.

I am also on the Internet often.  I log on in the morning and I don't shut the computer down until I turn in at night.

But I find it very coincidental that whatever I happen to be learning in class during a particular week, there is a headline pertaining to the like in the newspaper or on-line.

One week we're discussing things being banned for obscenity and I read about the Gossip Girls series. 

Another week, it is about sex trafficking and I read Andrew Vachss article in the Parade magazine.

Another week, we are looking at violence and the use of porn and the Duke Lacrosse Scandal unfolds. 

This week for example is the controversy with Geico upset over the trademark infringement in which a local auto insurance rival depicts their gecko as road kill.  Don't believe me?  Read it here!

Now, I don't think this is an infringement but what do I really know about business law?  Very little is my answer.  However, here are my thoughts. Geico is known for their little green lizard.  This other company is just competing against Geico but instead of naming the company they are using their mascot.  I do not think anybody is going to mistaken their company for Geico.  But Geico has a responsibility to defend their trademark.  If they let this go, they may risk losing their trademark rights. It is up to Geico to go after other companies who use their trademark, win or lose; Geico has that responsibility to protect their precious lizard!

Now, had I not been taking this class I think I would have skimmed reading these articles and not have thought twice about it.  At least I would not have had an idea the significance they hold. But it sure seems like coincidence that they appear the same week we are covering said topics!

(To review the above topics in bold see my entire blog)


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