It’s all coming to an end…

The semester is nearing an end. 

I have the option so therefore, I think I will pass on my final, although still take it (and not hand it in!).  I can’t resist a challenge.  Although… I didn’t submit my answers for the music leads.  I know one was Duran Duran! I just didn’t have time to research the others! Being a teen in the 80’s I probably could have figured most of them out.  But I opted instead to focus on my upcoming trip on May 5th. That is why I am not doing the final – I need to concentrate on packing and getting the house in order. (That and the fact that I don’t need to raise my grade – just hoping my third grade is on par with the other 2! – a chance I am willing to take.)

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this class for so many reasons:

  1. Dr. Halavais presented the material in a clear and professional way.
  2. Brenda (TA) was an extremely helpful “friend” that was there when I was feeling a bit confused and frustrated.  She was always responsive and informative.
  3. Blogging – my first time ever.  I love communication and the entire realm of how individuals interact with one another.  Blogging was another way of communicating that I have always wanted to try but was too timid to start – until this semester, when it was required.
  4. Every day I would turn the computer on and check my site, my stats and the aggregator and see what everyone was up to.  I loved reading everyone’s post, even the ones I did not agree with but especially the ones I felt a connection to or those post that were witty and just sucked you right in.
  5. After 14 years of taking care of my family and doing things for others, it was very nice to do something for myself and reap the benefits!
  6. I can now tell my friends and family that I took and passed a course on Pornography and watch their expression on their faces change (most of them already know I am taking it anyway…but I still love the reaction I get from those that do not!)
  7. I loved being able to watch the lectures at midnight and post my assignments at any given hour – although I now found out what days were the best days to post! (midweek :-))
  8. I appreciated reading other people’s views on the subject.  Relieved to see that I was not alone in my thoughts yet interested in reading the opposing views and how they justified it.
  9. Through my connection to this class and one of my post, I was interviewed by a Buffalo News reporter and I appear in one of her articles.  That was very exciting – although I actually used the word “nerd”! Hey the interview was early in the morning, I wasn’t thinking straight! But it is always exciting to see your name in print!

There are many other reasons why I loved this class but I have hit a road block! That and the fact that I have to take my daughter to her softball game right now is why I will leave it at that!

So what have I learned from this class? That will be another post, my friends! I still have to organize my thoughts on that one! 


2 Responses to “It’s all coming to an end…”

  1. Morgan of the Lake Says:

    Congratulations on wrapping you the semester! I laughed at the Duran Duran reference. That was my musical era, too.
    Great blog! I put a link up on mine.

  2. way2much Says:

    “Congratulations on wrapping you the semester! I laughed at the Duran Duran reference. That was my musical era, too.
    Great blog! I put a link up on mine.”

    Thanks, Morgan, I linked yours as well! My professor started each lecture with a music clip. They were real catchy but never told us who the artist were. So at the end of the year he is having us guess and the winner will get a T-shirt! There were 35 clips, but I could only get one or two without really trying! I was never good at “Name That Tune”!

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