Name That Movie!

Ok – this is an idea I got from a game readers are playing on another post.

Dear Mr. Vernon…"  What movie is that from?

We already established that "#5 is Alive" is from Short Circuit.

Now we are still working out: “Allow myself to introduce myself”

Anyone feel free to play along!

ADDED JUNE 2 – "you had me at hello!"


Food or Sex?

food or sex I think this is cute!

Unfortunately, I took it seriously!

Now I am paying the price! 

I guess it was the tasting of all the Pampered Chef recipes that did it to me!  But my husband would say it was all the brownies and cookies I used to bake.  I say it is the damn Doritos – they are evil!

Or it could be those herniated discs that keep getting aggravated when I try to do any sort of excercise.  Whatever it is – I have to do something about it. 

A Mother’s Frustration!

Am I the only one blessed with children that inform you of things at the last minute?

My lovely daughter – the one still working on her project that is now due tomorrow – tells me last night at 9 PM, right before bedtime, that she needs to bring in paper cups and a half dozen bagels to school in the morning.  The lightbulb over her head went off when I reminded her that she had orchestra lessons before school.  The look on her face was priceless. 

OK – cups are easy.  We always have a stash of them around our house.  So my children realize to sign up for the "no problem" items such as napkins, plates and cups. The bagels are no big deal either.  I can't get them any earlier than that day, so at least I know from the night before what the plan must be.

I tell my children the plan.  My older son will wake up at 6:30, shower and take care of his chores.  My daughter will wake up at 7:00 and shower.  I will shower after her and will drive my son to school and stop at the bagel shop.  I will come home, slice the bagels, and then take my daughter to school.

I tell them that I am sick and tired of being their alarm clock – they need to set their own and it is up to them to wake up on time, or I will be a raging lunatic!

I wake up, hear my son in the shower – he is ahead of schedule! Good boy!  I do not hear my daughter.  I call out to her.  She groans.  I call again.  She moans.  I get in the shower and decide to switch it around. I get out of the shower, she is up.  She gets in the shower, and I take my son to school. OK – things are getting a bit out of tune but we will adjust.  Then the lightbulb over my head goes off!

I enter the house and ask my daughter if this is the LAST orchestra lesson of the year.  She says YES.  I realize I have no gift for her teacher.  I like to get an end of year present thanking the teachers for their time and dedication, especially if they are as sweet as this lady is.

OK, at this point I want to strangle my little beauty!  But, we will go with the flow. It is now about 8 AM and she needs to be there at 8:30.  Add a bit of a kink to the schedule. I watch 2 young children and get them on the bus for their mother, so that she can get to work on time.  She calls in the morning to confirm things, as I have not watched them in the past week and a half due to her daughter hurting her shoulder at the picnic.  We confim the time the handicap bus will come to pick her up at my front door.  I tell her I need to pick her children up since I will be running to get bagels, etc.  We hang up.

8:10 – my daughter is ready and we leave. I buy bagels at the shop down my road (convenient enough) and grab a cup of coffee as well.  I have a bread knife in my car to slice the bagels.  My daughter is writing out a THANK YOU card on the way.  {I keep a stash of all occasion cards on hand as well!}

8:15 – I pick up the 2 children. Good thing they are all ready and we go to the Cafe just around the corner. 

8:20 – pull into the parking lot of the cafe. I love this Cafe. I decide I will treat the teacher to a $10 gift certificate.  Glitch in the plan.  The smallest amount I can purchase is $20! My friend, the owner, is not there, so I cannot negotiate!  I only have the $10 bill in my hand, I slump my shoulders, tell him thanks anyway and leave. I am furious.  Why would they limit it to $20!  So many people want to get the bus drivers, teachers, etc a gift and since I started doing this others thought it was a good idea. But we only get $5-10 gifts. Is this greed on the owner's part? What were they thinking when they made this arrangement – cause they just lost a customer regarding gift certificates! I will still go on my own though!  But I am digressing…

8:25 – I run to Dunkin Donuts.  Ok – I don't want to get her a gift certificate there, but it is the only thing I can think of.  (I scream at my daughter for licking the envelope! I need to put the g.c. in it) She is now slumped over because I am about to run out of patience and she is getting the brunt of my frustration – (TV has now been taken away for a week!) GUESS WHAT – they don't carry gift certificates except during Christmas time! Are these people insane?!

I get in the car, now I am a raging lunatic! The poor children in the back seat.  That is all I have to say!

8:35 – I drop my daughter off at school – notice she is 5 minutes late. The driveway to the loop is coned off!  I scream some more about the stupidity of the administration for coning off the access to the front door.  I realize it is for buses only, but considering the buses won't be there for oh let's see another 40 minutes, I am enraged!  I kiss my daughter goodbye, she leaves with the bagels and her backpack and a look on her face that makes me feel two entirely different things.

8:40 – I pull up to my driveway, look down at the passenger side of the floor and see a plastic bag – the CUPS!  I scream some more – jerk the car in reverse and head back!

8:45 – the two kids run into the school to bring the cups to my daugher. They report back to me that she says, "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

8:50 – I pull into my driveway for the 4th time that morning, and get out of the car to hear a message on the machine reminding me of the 10:30 meeting I have this morning.

I call the woman back for directions and ask if I can bring anything to the brunch we are having.  She says everything is under control except that she can use some cream for the coffee! I say no problem and hang up.

9:05 – I bring the children out to the bus stop and get them on the two separate buses that come at the exact same time! I introduce myself to the mini-bus driver and wave goodbye to both of them and head back into my house!

9:10 – I call my husband just to hear his voice – he seems to have no sympathy for my morning! He has had a hell of a night himself – house burned down, a hit and run, planning a trip to Massachusettes, a shooting, etc. Life of a detective!

9:30 – sit at my computer to ramble my way through my frustrations, sharing my experience for all to read!

I don't want sympathy, I just needed the therapy of getting this off my chest.  Now, I have to run to the store and pick up something for my daughter's teacher – perhaps I will get notecards, a candle or some bath gels.  I have no idea. 

9:55 – I am wrapping up this post and will head out the door to pick up half and half and go to my meeting.  Hope it doesn't take too long, because I will have to stop at another store to purchase a gift for Ms. K and get it to the school by the time my daughter has her private lesson at 1:30.

Wish me luck! (sigh!)

What is Blogging?

I started blogging in January of 2006.  This is the site in which I started up my blogs for use in my online class I was enrolled in. Had I known my family would become so easily addicted to this, I would have clued them in on it earlier and we could have had some really interesting debates going on.  But, perhaps I wouldn't have achieved an A, so I am OK with how things turned out.

So what is blogging? My family seems to be addicted yet confused, so therefore, I will try to explain as best I can, since I am still learning as I go along.

Blog is a term used for web log.  As in a journal.

Blogging is the act of writing in one's journal.  For all to see.  This is no private journal with a key to keep your pesky nosy sibling out of. Once it is out there for the world to see, there is no taking it back. So blog carefully.

Why blog? Why not! I always kept a journal – one with a key and hidden out of site.  I destroyed all journals – why – I have no idea. I thought it was a child's thing.  I regretted it the moment I shred it. I tried to start other printed journals with all my family adventures, but I write few and far between.

I never dreamed I would be journaling online.  I am a big privacy fanatic, afraid of who may see what and what would they do with any information they may have. I am still leery about the whole anonymous thing with the internet.  I still will not post any personal pictures of me or my family.

So why did I begin?  I started because my class demanded it.  I got addicted to it and started to read other blogs.  I decided I will continue even after my class ended. Now I am writing about frivolous things, but I do plan on visiting the topic of my class as I see so much out there in the news still.

How do you get people to post on your site?  Well start posting on other people's sites – that is one way! One of my assignments was to search for another blog.  Here is the outcome of that endeavor.  I found Morgan, Shrub and Billy D. – all at once!  I also found who they link to and visited their sites as well.  They sometimes comment on my site and I welcome all that they have to say.

There are some people who found me that I do not know who they are. I welcome them as well.  Strambinha has commented, as has Dan, and even a 10 year old girl named Hannah. I am not sure how they found my site, but you can easily search for a topic through GOOGLE and they may direct you to me.  You can also search through WordPress!  Since I commented on some of the administrator's post, in which about 200,000 bloggers may read, I have attracted some attention that way as well. 

I am not a scholar in any way.  I am college educated; however, I am not a specialist in any field.  I am not a political activist. I am a mom, wife, volunteer worker, student (again!), friend, sister, daughter, teacher, LOST fan and most importantly me!  I write what I know, what I am passionate about and also about things I don't know. 

I welcome all comments – as long as you are not trying to sell me or my readers anything.  Keep it clean, and try not to offend anyone!  On the sidebar is links to other blogs – read what they have to say – I find them interesting and so may you!

Happy blogging!

Blue Angel Formation

Blue Angels Jones Beach Airshow0491.jpgWhen I first posted this I had a picture present. When I look at it from my computer I see a box with a red X in the upper left corner.

Anyone reading this, please let me know if there is a picture here.  I am trying to figure this whole adding a picture to my blog thing, but I am just not getting it! Thanks for your imput!

Just testing my ability to upload a picture to my site.

This is a shot I took when I was at the Air Show this weekend. More to come if this works out!  

May 31 – I just updated this – let's see how long this picture lasts.  I am having problems keeping them on my post.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.

Enjoy it for the time being

Memorial Day -what a weekend!

The weekend coming up is a very important weekend for my family.  It is fitting that my son was born Memorial Day weekend.  You cannot find another family that bleeds red, white and blue, like ours does.  Our cars are red, our house is blue and our flag flew proud way before the tragedy of 9-11 and continues to do so everyday after.

This weekend we will celebrate like we do every year.  Our local beach will be hosting the Blue Angels, so we will catch that and then have a cake for our son's birthday – I still have to iron out the details.

The following day, my daughter will be twirling in a parade.  She is in the parade corps and will march in two parades, one local and one out of town.  Unfortunately, we have to forego planting flags at our local cemetary.  This has been a tradition for many years with us.  But my son's birthday is important and my in-laws are taking a trip to Italy leaving the only day to celebrate Saturday.  I think this may be one of the reasons my husband is not all that thrilled about settling arrangements for the air show.  He may opt to do the flags and pay homage to our unsung heroes instead of gazing at the skies in amazement. Perhaps we can manage to do both.  We shall see.

Blue Angels

How am I supposed to go the beach on Saturday for the air show if it is supposed to be raining?

How can I do that and plant flags at Calverton?

I guess I have to get to the beach late.

How am I going to do that and clean my house by the time the rest of the gang comes over for dinner (what's for dinner?) and cake.

What am I getting my son for his birthday?

      Oh – that has been taken care of – very good!

This is going to be some crazy weekend!