Where Can I get that Barbie Pill?

Melanotan II is the drug that promises to deliver a perfect tan without the exposure to the sun or UV radiation from a tanning booth. 

I have dark skin (olive complexion), and I used to worship the sun, slathering on the baby oil and even lying on tin foil to attract the rays! The darker I got the better I felt.  I competed with myself every year.  What an idiot…now it is known that this causes skin cancer and as an adult I am gooping on the SPF40!  So this drug sounds decent, yet I will not be running out anytime soon to get myself a supply.  I am content with how I look and besides, who knows what the side effects are.

Ohh wait, glad I mentioned that – hmm…studies show that there are two side effects that have been detected.

  1. immediate weight loss within one to two weeks of taking the pill! – Hmm do I have to think this through!?  tan and dropping some excess weight.  Nah – I will rely on good ole sweat to try to drop the pounds, but…I do have that disc problem that acts up every time I try to do anything remotely athletic.  hmm…. I need more.
  2. increased sexual libido– WHAT? ok, so you take the pill and you are in a constant state of arousal – or near it anyway. Let’s see, my husband comes home, I am tan, skinny and horny – hmm don’t think he’ll complain.

OK – so, why am I just hearing about this pill now?  A pill that will give you a tan, help you lose weight, and increase your sexual appetite? Are they for real?  Sign me up!  But I will have to wait somewhere between 10-15 years while they study this pill some more and make sure it isn’t all ‘too good to be true’, which I am sure they will probably find out – that it is!

(As in stated in one of my previous post, a comment says that beauty is internal – I couldn’t agree more, so why am I still contemplating taking this drug if it is approved?)


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  1. Alex Halavais Says:

    I haven’t been tracking this closely, but from what I have seen, they are trying to parse these out, so that the “side effects” are not as prominent. The first of these will be the tanning drug, but the two side effects have been largely eliminated. Again, not sure why :).

  2. way2much Says:

    I think I need to look into that!

    Perhaps it was “uncomfortable” to be in a constant state of arousal! I guess there could be a downside to that!

    As far as the weight loss, I am perplexed, unless there is an underlying problem causing the loss or as a result of the loss. The tanning drug seems to have been designed as a prevention from skin cancer not so much for cosmetic reasons.

    Looking at this drug as a whole, it certainly looks too good to be true. Guess they’re afraid how they would keep up with the demand, if they leave it as is.

  3. way2much Says:

    For those that are interested:

    Upon further research – but not nearly as extensive as I can get – I found a website that addresses Melanotan II.
    http://melanotan.org/ directs the researcher to another site http://www.palatin.com/search/search.asp?zoom_query=pt-141&x=3&y=1 whose company, Palatin Technology is developing pt-141 for sexual dysfunction.
    From browsing the site, it seems it is being developed for use in men. Not sure whether or not it is being researched for use with woman.
    I will keep researching – because I am interested!

  4. Morgan of the Lake Says:

    Yikes. Even if it’s approved, I’d wait for a year or so to see if anyone’s head falls off before taking it myself. The FDA and the drug companies have such an incestuous relationship these days the bad side effects are only discovered well after the fact.

  5. way2much Says:

    “The FDA and the drug companies have such an incestuous relationship these days the bad side effects are only discovered well after the fact.”

    This is so true! Scary but true. I will wait too, until I get the all clear sign! It may take more than a year of being out on the market though!

  6. mika Says:

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  7. Gary Page Says:


    Stumbled on your post, well what can I say? Nice one.

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