Happy Mother’s Day!

Well – here it is Mother's Day.

A day like all the rest.

Except for one detail – my children.

They are old enough to do for me! My daughter was very excited to wake up and tell me not to come into the kitchen until she says it is ok.  She surprised me with pancakes – she added 3 cherries, 2 for eyes, 1 for the nose and used a fork to carve out a mouth! She did a nice job!

On the table were a nice arrangement of flowers my husband purchased.  The kids signed their names to the card.  It is arranged in a beautiful teapot – I love teapots and my collection is now growing.

Yesterday I picked up the flats of plants that I purchased from my son's fundraiser.  I wanted to plant them today, but time won't allow.  I have beautiful dahlias, vinca vine, zinnias and draecona spikes.  My dianthus are already in full bloom in my garden bed.  I love to garden but it is hard on my back. 

My family always asks what I would like as presents.  Not being of a materialistic nature, I never know what to answer. But yesterday as I drove down my block to my house I spotted a robin and some bluejays.  I forget how many different birds are around me and I find it just refreshing to hear them chirp and look out my window and see them flutter around.  It reminded me that I always wanted one of the handmade birdhouses a man designs not too far from my home.  These houses MUST be in the hundreds, since they look like mini-mansions on a pole!  They are just beautiful – I want the purple Victorian home!  I want to stake it into my yard and see all the birds that come to feed there.

I love nature, so does my husband – so it is hard for us that we only live on 1/4 acre of land.  Growing up in the city, my family doesn't understand my heartache – they consider me very lucky.  Although, driving to their home yesterday, I was very agitated.  The congestion on the road was unbearable.  I want to go further out into the country and just live a simple life.  But that is not in store for me.  I don't want to go too far from my family – as it is they think I live at the ends of the earth – 70 miles away!

So I have no time to plant today – I have my daughter's lacrosse game at 4 PM.  Love how they smack that game right in the middle of my day! BUT, I love to see my children play their games – I will watch her deflect and defend the net for approximately an hour.  She is a pretty darn good goalie, yet my heart always skips a beat watching her take hit after hit, even though she is wearing the protective gear.  She is in her own little heaven playing, so it makes me happy!

Perhaps we will go to an all you can eat Chinese buffet.  We all love Chinese food, except for my husband, but he is a trooper and will suffer for us!

So far my day has been nice.  I wish we were doing more, got up earlier and got the day started sooner, but I am with the ones I love and that is what is important.




My daughter won her lacrosse game – she took a beating in the net but only let 4 get by.  But they took a lot of shots so she did great!  Her team was amazing too, we lost count at 12 goals.  Her coach is wonderful – teaching sportsmanship.  Since they were ahead by so many goals he told them to pass at least 4 times before shooting leftie (as most are righties!).  The girls came off the field feeling pretty good about themselves.

We didn't go to an all you can eat buffet, we agreed that it may not be the most sanitary of conditions, so we opted for sit down at a different Chinese restaurant.  Service was horrible – we thought the waiter was not happy to be there – and we are gracious customers – always saying please and thank you – never rude or discourteous – so he must have had some bad day!  It took us 3 hours to get through dinner! But we enjoyed the conversation and the Mai Tais!


4 Responses to “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. PourNoCoffee... Says:

    Let me guess, Golden Duck??

  2. way2much Says:

    Nope – Jade Garden!

    Where is Golden Duck? – remember I am not from the Buffalo area!

  3. way2much Says:

    Or was that a joke – as in most Chinese Restaurants are called Golden Duck! Sometimes I am a bit slow – don’t mind me!

  4. PourNoCoffee... Says:

    Golden Duck’s on the corner of Maple and Ayer. Has some really good Chinese food!! Apprently one of the best in town! Absolutely amazing Beef Chow Fun, Crab Rangoon, General Tso’s, dumplings and lots more. I can go on and on and on…do try it out!

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