I am only 86% Roman Catholic

Thanks to Father Joe, I found this quiz.  I took a guess at some of the questions.  Take the quiz yourself and let me know how you rate.

I don't know what to make of it that I am only 86% Catholic??

You scored as Roman Catholic.

You are Roman Catholic. Church tradition and ecclesial authority are hugely important, and the most important part of worship for you is mass. As the Mother of God, Mary is important in your theology, and as the communion of saints includes the living and the dead, you can also ask the saints to intercede for you.

Roman Catholic
Classical Liberal
Evangelical Holiness/Wesleyan
Neo orthodox
Modern Liberal
Reformed Evangelical
You scored as Roman Catholic. "+result_str1+"

What's your theological worldview?
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2 Responses to “I am only 86% Roman Catholic”

  1. Southside Rabbitslayer Says:

    According to the stats you are 480% Christian. How do you fit so many people in your skin?

  2. way2much Says:

    You would think it should equal 100% – I was wondering the same thing.
    My husband does think I am schizo at times! Perhaps that is how I fit them all in there!
    Seriously, the test seems flawed. I just thought it would be interesting. There is another test.

    Are you a heretic: http://quizfarm.com/test.php?q_id=131773

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