Light House of Alexandria

My daughter needs to make a 2ft X 2ft X 2 ft replica of the Lighthouse of Alexandria!

Anyone have any ideas on how she can go about doing this.  We really only have the weekend to complete it, even though she was given one month! We tend to procrastinate.

Actually, the dimensions are the maximum, she can make something a bit smaller.

I looked on every website I can find – I would like an original idea – not necessarily mine! (laughing)

A friend already went to AC Moore craft store and bought a wooden lighthouse she is going to paint and put on a rectangular board – so that is done, hate to do the same – where is the originality!  But I am lost for ideas

Any suggestions out there?


10 Responses to “Light House of Alexandria”

  1. Dan Says:

    You could get those styrofoam shapes from the craft store and shape them pretty easily with a knife by shaving them or cutting them. Then get some kind of paint and paint it. Shouldn’t take too long and it would be fun, although a bit messy with the styrofoam shavings.

  2. way2much Says:

    Thanks Dan,
    I think we may go with that idea. I was also thinking of thin pieces of wood and gluing them together.
    Problem is – my daughter seems to not worry that this is due on Wednesday. I want to run over to the store with her to pick out material, but this weather is ridiculous. My husband said it is hailing golf balls by him and my brother just sent me pictures of a tornado that just touched down in NJ.

  3. Father Joe Says:

    Get heavy duty posterboard and cardboard, wood is even better if someone could cut the thin panel wood for you. There is a plan available for models on the internet. Download it and past it to cardboard, or thin panel wood, or styrofoam (possibly). If not using wood, you would need a box cutter or razor blade (keep away from kids) to cut the segments out. The Lighthouse of Alexandria is not like cone-shaped lighthouses. The sides are flat and faceted. Here is the web address for the plans: (a color printer preferred)

    Make sure to have paint and glue available for it.

    Hope this helps, peace–
    Father Joe

    If worse comes to worse, there is always playdoe or legos.

  4. way2much Says:

    Thank you Father Joe,
    I was also thinking sheetrock! My family is going to my sister’s house tomorrow to help finish her renovations to her house. I was thinking of grabbing some scraps. My husband is somewhat handy (he is a carpenter at heart!) however, he is so busy these days.
    He always wants to help the children out, so hopefully he can assist her Sunday with this project.
    Thanks for the website – it helped!

    I will post and let you know how it all turns out.

  5. way2much Says:

    My husband is working on this project with my daughter.
    This is the second trip out for supplies.
    Not doing it the way I would have, but… oh well – to be continued…

  6. Way 2 Much » A Mother’s Frustration! Says:

    […] My lovely daughter – the one still working on her project that is now due tomorrow – tells me last night at 9 PM, right before bedtime, that she needs to bring in paper cups and a half dozen bagels to school in the morning.  The lightbulb over her head went off when I reminded her that she had orchestra lessons before school.  The look on her face was priceless.  […]

  7. way2much Says:

    Lighthouse is official finished. It looks good. But she worked on it to the very last second, I had no time to take a picture of it before it left the house. I will be up at the school on Monday for her DARE graduation. I will snap a shot of it then and place it on another post! Look for it!

    Thank you both for your ideas!

  8. Harriet Viana Says:

    It was a really nice theme! Just wanna say thank you for the data you have fanned. Just continue penning this kind of post. I will be your patriotic reader. Gives Thanks once more.

  9. linda Says:

    my friend is helping her daughter do the same thing shes planing on getting some wire and newspaper and make a type of glue and just paste the newspaper on the wire and then paint the newspaper

  10. Tyra Says:

    Well, im doing the same and project im using cardboard thats like styro foam but thicker and jus cut it then usin paint to make it look older(rust paint) and blue paint for water

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