What a Beautiful Day it Was!

The sun shined yesterday!
My daughter went on her class picnic and had a great time.
Her friend however, said it was the best and the worst day ever. She had a wonderful time, but about two hours into the day she fell and broke her shoulder – she is very lucky – it could have been her neck.
She was doing cheerleading stunts with some other girls and was dropped. Her backer wasn't there for her. She never cried but held her arm close to her chest. After a half hour of icing her shoulder and noticing the swelling was getting worse, they opted to take her for X-rays and realized she broke the shoulder.
Another boy twisted his ankle.
So it was a glorious day with the sun shining with a cool breeze – perfect weather – a welcome change from the wretched days we had, but yet a damper was put on the festivities with these two incidents.
Today – it is raining!

(At least my son was able to play his baseball game yesterday, even though they lost by one run! He scored twice, so I am pleased.  My daughter had her softball game as well – they lost too – the score was 16-1, no suprise there!  My son had his lacrosse game on Wednesday, he was the first to score, yet they lost 11-6. His game today will no doubt be canceled!)


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