Are You out there?

Ok to my lovely cousins!

I sent you all a link to my site.  Are you too chicken to come read? Or have you? and not left a message in return!

Come on guys it is fun! You can help me work on my series that "M" suggested! 

Relax – I am kidding – I am all done with that class but suddenly became addicted to blogging!

So respond to me – leave a reply – but no names! I am still a little wary about publicizing personal info!

But if people look deep into my site they can find my name somewhere – but only my first!!

By the way – I am still deciding on what to bring for my contribution! I go for life vests!  Is anyone even reading this?


11 Responses to “Are You out there?”

  1. Southside Rabbitslayer Says:

    M sounds scary W2M……

  2. ~K Says:

    Hey cuz! I think this is a great idea. Let the whole world see how crazy we really are! "T" is older than "M". By 5 months. And "K" is older than "R". By 6 months. So I'm bringing chicken sates. Haven't told "Em" yet. I'm staying away from the emails for the time being. I just got my own computer upstairs. And it's actually working now…So I guess I'll be talking to at 1:00 in the morning!

  3. ~K Says:


  4. ~K Says:


  5. way2much Says:

    Hey K,
    you crack me up!
    Like my son used to say “I ficked it!
    thanks for playing along.

    “M sounds scary”
    He is one crazy SOB – sorry M – I mean that in only the best way!

  6. way2much Says:

    K – only the administrator can edit! If you want I can start a new site and have us all as authors – may get confusing though!

    Welcome to my blog – feel free to comment on anything here – even if you disagree or like “M” stated in an email response “You are an idiot” I am still not sure if he is joking – but I am older and I know that!

    Thanks for clarifying the rest of the order! You would think after 35 years it would be embedded in my head. The only thing I have embedded is the scar on my elbow from my mishap with “T”!!

    Don’t blame you on the email thing either – it was getting confusing too!

  7. Big A #1 always! Says:

    OK I will put in my .02 here. I say it again YOU GUYS ARE NUTS! Thats N V T S ! (Mel Brooks History of the World Part I). Anyway, have a great Memorial Weekend all!

  8. #6 Says:

    #4, of course I’m kidding or is it that you can’t just take a joke? JERK!

  9. #6 Says:

    #4, of course I’m kidding or is it that you can’t just take a joke? JERK! LOL

  10. #6 Says:

    OOPS! I over Blogged.

  11. Marine Cannizzo Says:

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