As The Cousin’s Party Turns

4 females

5 males

All blood related

1 fiance

4 husbands

3 wives

11 children 14 and under.

Can this reunion work with this family – 9 cousins trying to plan the perfect BBQ.


Disclaimer: Title is not original – stolen from idea of cousin #4 or 5! Can't remember who is older "T" or "M" – anyway swiped from "M" šŸ˜‰


VT or TV is missing in action.  Did she run off with cousin #7 or was it cousin #9 who is set to marry in August! Will this marriage materialize and how would cousin #6 handle this?  I am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for next season's premiere!


6 Responses to “As The Cousin’s Party Turns”

  1. way2much Says:

    LOL –
    I am an idiot like M said –
    I am cousin #4!
    Oh – boy!

  2. V Says:

    You’re not an idiot, you’re honest.

  3. Big A #1 always! Says:

    Stay tuned folks for the next exciting episode! The Sopranos guest star on the show. Will Tony whack Emma or Anthony for their disaggrement about the date and Oblivias bday? Will the cousins try to whack the Soprano crew? Will Junior make a surprise appearance at the party and sing in hebrew? Stay tuned kiddies!!!!

  4. ~Kat #8 Says:

    I like where this is going…The whacking adds a lot more excitement!

  5. way2much Says:

    Is that supposed to mean she is oblivious? I am not sure? Again, I am away for a bit and things get out of control.

    Welcome #1 – glad you can join. Did anyone mention this to #2! – she is still sending e-mails! Gotta love her!

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