Ok – 2/9 of us think this is a good idea so for the two of us – here it is

  1. Big A – Aunt F’s famous potato salad, beer and wine
  2. EG – host house, providing scenic view, I believe hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls and general beverages, napkins, plates and utensils and cups! Oh and ice! Anything I missed?
  4. EE – AKA W2M – still thinking  (contemplating the marinated beef tips – not 100% committed on that.)
  5. TV – cole slaw, beer because T drank all of Em’s! and some form of dessert!
  6. MT – marinated loin of pork & chocolate covered fruit – won’t it melt;mind your business – sounds good, so shut up. (sorry my multiple personalities acting up!)
  7. AJ – cannot attend
  8. KA – chicken sate!
  9. RJ – chocolate cake, macaroni salad, italian bread and wine coolers/malt beverages

Ok we really need the others to play along!


88 Responses to “FOOD FOR THOUGHT!”

  1. #8 ~K Says:

    Didn’t I say T was older than M!!! You still got it wrong! T is #5 and M is #6. This is the last time I’m going to correct you…you’re on your own after this! How sad will this be if we’re the only the ones that keep doing this. Email the link again! So what they’re at work…This is fun!

  2. way2much Says:

    Thanks #8 I fickt it!

  3. V Says:

    I’m upset because I don’t have a number. I’ve been around along time though, couldn’t you guys just assign me a number?

  4. #7 I think Says:

    Sure V — I assign you 6a. Cause T should be 6 I do not see how M is 6. If he is then I just assigned you another husband. It is much simpler that way rather than giving you a new number that would only confuse matters more. I think the spouses should be signified with an (a). I on the other hand am not sure if I am 7. I think I came right before 8 because she scared the pants off of me when I was a mere 2.5 Anyway enough of that. I think this is a good idea. It is much easier than email although I do not think too much email is going around these days.

  5. #7 I think Says:

    Wait now I just saw the laundry list of #s. I hope you like your new husband V. Anh this is the new Millenium nothing wrong with a little trading.

  6. V Says:

    This is kind of fun. I don’t mind a new husband, I usually get #9, #7 would be a nice change. Are we completely without lives?

  7. way2much Says:

    Well, listen here
    I leave for a few hours and you guys decide to mess up my number system!

    Sorry V – actually, I had you as #6 totally ignoring T! (laughing sheepishly)
    AND K AKA #8 decided on calling herself by a # – where did I lose control??

    Does this remind anyone of the quote “#5 is Alive!” Can you tell me where that is from?


    See we told you it would be fun! This site went from intellectual thought to total meltdown! But I am fine with that!

    V or shall I say #5a – I think J squared may be a little upset if you took either 7 or 9 for a bit! 4a is up for grabs! Haaa – I am cracking myself up now!

    #7 –
    ~#8 got pretty rough with me telling me T came before M – can we verify that??

    Now if we can only get #1 to comment over here – then we will be really good to go!

    Thanks for playing along! – You guys made my day!

  8. #7 I THINK Says:

    I will have to look into verifying that, but I always though the joke was can you believe M is older than T (their height difference when younger) I know where # 5 is Alive is from. My parents owned a Video Store Hello and my sister reminds me of the rat pack weirdo who was in that movie. Does anyone know which rat pack weirdo I am referring to. The movie is Short Circuit by the way.

  9. #7 I THINK Says:

    Fick it!!!fick it !!!– i used names

  10. way2much Says:

    all fickt!

    ok – coincidence – my parents owned a video store too! Now if only M would participate he will say hey I worked at that video store!

    Are you talking about D or me?
    Cause if it is D – I would say Demi Moore and if you say me – it better not be Ali Sheedy in Breakfast Club!

  11. #7 I THINK Says:

    It is E and it is her (Ali) and she was in Short Circuit as well. C’mon you were always the eccentric one. Hey if you need me to contact #4a I will be more than happy to explain why it appears you get nothing done all day — this crap is addicting.

  12. V Says:

    Hi. I’m #5a and I’m a blogaholic. Well #5 was born 11/71. What about #6? What is the month and year of birth? Okay this is totally addicting. Hey #7 how have you been?

  13. I think #7 Says:

    I think Kat is right and T is older than M. I think I may get fired — for blogging too much. Oh wait that would mean I have to fire myself. Well V other than I think i am cracking up, I have been great. Trying to get the house in order and decorated. We have been there 2 years and I still have no Dining Room furniture. We use folding tables and folding chairs for the holidays — aren’t we classy. Not to mention the girls keep us a little busy — well I am at work all day — I should say the girls and the house keep J busy. So in a nut shell #7a,b,c and d are all good. How are you guys VT doing? or TV? Do you prefer being a state or an appliance? Oh my God I am only 32 and turning into my father. HELP

  14. way2much Says:

    Well let me state for the record that 7a is Martha Stewart and you would never know it was a folding table – but the chairs do give it away!

    M was born in ’72? because if he is younger, he had to be – he was born in April.
    HEY K – where are you? M is lurking I think but K would at least respond. She is going to be so psyched about what is going on here!

    So spread the word!!

    Oh and I knew Ali was in Short Circuit, but I thought it was that freak character in Breakfast Club that I reminded you of – cause I DO NOT PICK MY SCALP AND EAT IT!
    I miss the brat pack! Rat pack is #1’s generation! OOOHHH ahh – he won’t see this comment!

    And we don’t need another MOOSE in the family – one is enough, yet we all seem to be taking after him in one form or another.

    So V – are you a state or the appliance?? I think you should be the state and your hubby the appliance. this sounds too weird!

    OK have to clean my house – yeah right – and take E minor to her guitar lessons and then catch the rest of D’s lacrosse game and then shoot on over to E minor’s softball game! Good thing no school tomorrow!

  15. way2much Says:

    crap – i forgot to put the meatloaf in the toaster oven – and don’t even get me started on that!

  16. ~Kat #8 Says:

    YEEAAAAAH! I’m so excited…Other people!!! I love you E, but I was starting to feel like a real loser! Since M is my bro, I think I know who is older. And I think VT should know a little something about TV! I’ll never forget TV(11/71) is older than M(4/72) and Kat(3/77) is older than R(9/77)! Are we really still discussing this issue! You know what I find funny…#8a(2/72) is older than M!!!

  17. I think #7 Says:

    Well just because he is your brother what makes you so sure you had to know the date #5 was born. Hmm anyway — we are all same damn close in age from #3 – #9 it get confusing. #1 and #2 must have been so lonely without us. Yeah it blows me away that #8a is older than #6. Wow you married and old man. Martha and I are only 30 days apart. I am older and wiser.

  18. I think #7 Says:

    #8 I think the correct response from you to me is because “I am smart and you are not” Are you at the bus getting J or are you having a hard time getting a connection. I love wireless, but I hate it all at the same time.

  19. #7 I THINK Says:

    #5a I hope I did not offend…. you do not have to be a state or an appliance we can just call you V or #7’s new wife. The options are endless. Well I have to leave work now. All this blogging has made me exhausted. I too think I am a blogaholic. I am joing BA.

  20. way2much Says:

    #7 I think
    – you are a nut.
    BA – that is a good one.
    I think you did scare away V – she did want a number but perhaps not a double letter identity. We are going to have to think this through some more – it would help if the others (are they lost!) would suggest some things!

  21. ~Kat #8 Says:

    #7 Yes it was time to get J off the bus and then off to soccer practice. I was definitely going to come back with “Because I’m the smartest one in the whole family!” Lets see what kind of reaction that one gets!!!

  22. way2much Says:

    Kat’s back!

    Hey – welcome!
    We are going to join BA together. V is going to head the meeting. But she may be recovering already, She is MIA. We’ve been commenting on this post, but we don’t see any more food items being added! Where are our dear loved ones?

    How’s your connection? Can you hear me now?

  23. #7 I THINK Says:

    Well this is fun at least we have 4 participants. Well 2 and 2 halves (K&V)…. Hmm I must be the only one at work and everybody’s spouse must be home so they can’t blog. What exactly is a blog?

  24. Big A #1 always! Says:

    You guys have way too much time on your hands! Or nothing else better to do!!! Anyway, put me in for the usual: Aunt F’s potato salad and beer/wine.

    By the way, I already am a number to the government and the Bank now I am a number with you guys too?

  25. ~Kat #8 Says:

    #1- You realize by calling yourself Big A you’re just asking for it. I can think of a few words to stick in there besides your name! HaHa… Gotta pick on the first born!
    So we have beer, wine, cole slaw, potato salad, chicken on a stick and a dessert. Come on #4, commit to something! Do we have to get these approved by #2?

  26. way2much Says:

    Big A –
    But with our system you are #1 – that has to be the best!

    I updated the list to include the potato salad.

    Do I have the host supplies correct. #2 seems to think we all should know by now what it expected. I think she is right, but with my mentality and memory, I am sure to be forgetting something.

    Let me know!

  27. #7 I Think Says:

    You guys are off the wall. I like this blogging site better. I hate the emails. Why isn’t anyone blogging?

  28. #6 Says:

    Blog, Blog, Blog, … Blog, Blog, … Blog, Blog , Bllllogggg, …. Blog, Blog.

  29. #6 Says:

    I’m “BLOGGING ON NIGHTS!” Sounds like a title to a movie.

    I’m in trouble. I can see this becoming addicting.

    Thanks alot #4. At least you’re not #2. LOL, #2, #2, #2, #2.

    I’d be cranky too if I was #2.
    Just Kidding!

  30. #6 Says:

    Mutha Florida!!!

    I can’t STOP BLOGGING!!!

  31. way2much Says:

    #6 – as long as you did not blog prematurely!
    I’ll never forget that email!

  32. way2much Says:

    #6 Welcome to blogging! Your presence will make this even more enjoyable!
    If and when #2 reads this – let’s just say you may be the exception to the rule and find yourself in the lake!

  33. #6 Says:

    “Allow myself to introduce myself”

    Who said it?

  34. EG #2 Says:

    I agree with #1’s comment. To much time on your hands. anyway what’s this “Blogging” thing all about? Speak english.

  35. way2much Says:

    Yayyy!! EG is participating!

    See I have to update my Way2much page!
    I have Way2Much time on my hands! yeah sure, you would think I was 80lbs. the way I have been running around!
    EG – see my post about Blogging – it is just adding comments to things already there. Forwarding and replying to emails can get tricky as you don’t know who said what when, etc. This way it is all laid out!
    Now for #6 in which I think he was extremely HIGH when he blogged – not good since I believe he was working! JERK! (smile) I have no idea what quote that is! My guess, me, myself and Irene or something like that!

  36. #7 I THINK Says:

    I think the nights have gotten to #6. He needs to start working days again. I can just see him now taking the advice of a blogger on another page and crashing pots and pans in people’s heads. I think he forgets all too well that he was the one that we use to have to drag out of bed or was under the table tickling everyone’s feet. Ahh what goes around comes around.

  37. way2much Says:

    LOL – well – ask my “little” sweeties what I did this morning! They looked at me like I was nuts! I warned them – and then I went into the kitchen, warned them again, and then I looked at Er and winked, he looked at me like I was a freak and little Er jumped up and said “God mom, I’m up” so I went into D’s room and started banging and he lifted his head, and said “what the heeelll, I was up! What are ya banging on pots and pans for?!” I said “shut up and just get in the shower!”
    My kids love me!

  38. #7 I THINK Says:

    How glad am I that I do not live with you anymore? I hope my wife doesn’t take any advise from you down the road and start banging pot and pans in our heads. Well then again — she ain’t no morning person.

  39. way2much Says:

    You are going to have to ask your nephew about that one. And ask your Goddaughter about the raging lune I was on Tuesday morning!
    Do I still constitute for the Mother of the Year Award – I am wondering about that one!

  40. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Okay, so what’s the answer to #6 brilliant question? I have no clue! How about this one: “Dear Mr. Vernon…” What movie is that from?

  41. way2much Says:

    #6 just emailed his food selection to us all – did he forget about blogging?!
    and what is the answer? check out the post NAME THAT MOVIE!

    Hi everyone.  Tr and I (#6 & 6a) would like to bring Loin of pork sliced
    into thick pieces and marinated.  It's good.  You would have to see it to
    understand. TRUST ME!  I don't know what to call it.  Also for a dessert we
    would like to bring chocolate covered fruit.  Does that sound good?  Cause
    if it doesn't than you can all eat C$#P.   MMWWWOOOOHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Just Kidding.

  42. #6 Says:

    Answer to #8’s question is “The Breakfast Club”.

    The answer to mine is
    “Austin Powers”
    Allow myself to introduce myself. I am Richie Cunningham and this is my wife Oprah.

  43. way2much Says:

    ohhh – don’t remember either one

  44. way2much Says:

    #6 you are coming! Little rumors were flying that perhaps you couldn't make it. I thought 6a had to work. Will 6b attend? Because I am sure 4c would be bored without him! Is there any room to play bocce? All these burning questions!

  45. #6 Says:

    “You had me at, Hello”

    What movie? I think this should be easy.

  46. #6 Says:

    We are coming no matter what. “So what you heard was true, from a certain point of view”. (Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, don’t ask)
    6a has a committment to cut hair for a wedding which of course has to be done for that day. This was made a month ago. I don’t know if I’m working. Maybe #6b can go with #8 so #4c has equal company. This is becoming complicated. #7, Where’s the Excedrin you promised?

  47. #6 Says:

    I’ve got another one.

    “BOCCE BALLS!!!”

    What movie?

  48. way2much Says:

    Where’s the Excedrin you promised?

    UMM – it’s in the mail.

    If you guys want, we can use names, I never realized how assinine this would be! Although it makes for some good laughs!

  49. #6 Says:

    I didn’t promise any Excedrin to anyone. Your bro #7 promised it to me. (From the e-mails)

  50. #6 Says:

    Uh Oh! I side e-mailed #4.

    BTW, I like using the #’s

  51. way2much Says:

    you're not supposed to tell anyone about the side email! 🙂

    Ok we have one vote for #s. That's good enough for me!

  52. ~Kat #8 Says:

    I thought that was from Austin Powers…I’m not a fan but I know you are. that from SpaceBalls? It has to be a Mel Brooks movie. As for the other one, Jerry Maguire. That was too easy. #4 How do you not remember Anthony Michael Hall’s letter to Mr. Vernon from The Breakfast Club? “You see us how you want to see us…a criminal, a basket case, a homecoming queen, an athlete and a brain. Correct?” I love that movie!

  53. ~Kat #8 Says:

    We’re keeping the #’s. I think I finally learned them all!>!>!>!>!>!>

  54. way2much Says:



  55. #6 Says:

    Poor Mr. Vernon.
    What’s his real name?

  56. #6 Says:

    I’m not giving the answer to “BOCCEBALLS” yet. I’ll give it a couple of days.
    When you hear the answer you’re gonna say “OOhhh YYeeaahh”.

  57. #7 I THINK Says:

    You did not get the Excedrin yet. I dropped it in the mail a few days ago. I think #6a intercepted and popped them down. You were probably giving her a headache. I am going to give the BocceBall some thought.

  58. way2much Says:

    I will guess, Happy Gilmore. Only because of the golfing thing. And yes, I am Italian, not another nationality that will remain nameless. Golf and bocce are two entirely different sports, but balls are balls!

    Paul Gleason was the actor that portrayed the VP? or was it some other disciplinary official!

  59. #6 Says:

    Nope. Not Happy Gilmore.
    I Love when he fights Bob Barker (Price is Right)

  60. ~Kat #8 Says:

    How sad is that…I bring up Mr. Vernon and the man dies! Who else can I kill off? Any suggestions?
    BTW-I think the chocolate covered fruit will survive. #2 might have something called a frigidaire to keep them from melting…and if we eat them when they’re served, they’ll be a delicious treat!!!
    So what’s up with the salads? Is #3 bringing veggies to grill? Is she still sleeping? Does she have a home of her own yet?

  61. ~Kat #8 Says:


  62. #4 Says:

    unbelievable! you murderer!
    Splash! why the hell would he exclaim Bocce Balls, I have to look at that movie again. Since my dad owned a rental place, you would think I can memorize these lines like everyone else. Speaking of movies…4b has a date! Don’t even go there! and me and 4c will go see Over the Hedge. D is going to see Break Up! So let me go get over to the theater now.

    I think I am a bit confused over the letters! isn’t A the spouse making B and so on, the children? So Wolf would be 4C? not 4E – oh boy. whatever or like D would say w/e idc!!

  63. #4 Says:

    Oh and #3 is still sleeping! Rip Van Winkle that she is! No home yet, but her tiles are being laid down! Still needs gas and hot water!
    I will make sure she blogs and lets us know what the hell is going on with the salads! OK gotta really go now!

  64. #6 Says:

    #8, You are correct. When she comes out of the water she is nude. The park ranger is giving the history of the statue when all of the sudden she comes hopping over the fence from the water, nude, and the ranger is giving his spiel and says,”…and over here we have, BOCCEBALLS” describing Daryl Hannah’s TaTa’s.

  65. way2much Says:

    #6 and #8 you always were the king and queen of movies or should I say prince and princess. Your parents were the king and queen! You all were always going to the movies – I was jealous!

    Speaking of movies, the three of us went to the theater. D was supposed to see Break Up, but they were sold out, so he saw X-men. We were supposed to see the 8:10 movie of Over the Hedge, but they were sold out, so we caught it at 9:30 instead and shopped at Linen’s and Things in the meantime. We met up with E’s friends and their mom! The movie was HYSTERICAL – I recommend it to everyone!

  66. #6 Says:

    Ask D, how was X-Men?

  67. way2much Says:

    D says that he didn’t see the other movies, so he can’t compare this one to them. But he enjoyed this movie. He wasn’t very talkative with me so perhaps I will let him leave a post explaining his opinion of the movie.
    So other than it was good, I got very little feedback!

  68. #8a Says:

    i have another one
    look at me, look at me!!!

    what movie?
    everyone except #8

  69. #8a Says:

    where’s everyone noone it’s blogging

  70. way2much Says:

    Where is everyone – party poopers. Any way, I am trying to pull off a trip to NYC with E minors 5th grade trip – that is right, me – party planner extraordinaire, working out 104 students and 101 adults for tour groups, lunches etc. ETA = tomorrow! LOL Wish me luck, so that is where I have been – more blogging to come next week – in meantime, get all the cousins back here! My numbers are going down! BTW – I have no idea who said the above quote!

  71. way2much Says:

    Wait, I think I do know.
    Look at me, look at me. Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory – hmm not sure which obnoxious kid it was though – ooh wait, it was Charlie while he was floating in the air with Grandpa – am i right??

  72. EG #2 Says:

    Thanks #6 for letting us know what you will be bringing to the party. I’ll be sending out an e-mail updating you on what everyone is bring. Now #6 i read all these blogs and saw the one about #2 is cranky:

    I’m “BLOGGING ON NIGHTS!” Sounds like a title to a movie.

    I’m in trouble. I can see this becoming addicting.

    Thanks alot #4. At least you’re not #2. LOL, #2, #2, #2, #2.

    I’d be cranky too if I was #2.
    Just Kidding!

    Comment by #6 — May 30, 2006 @ 8:56 pm

    I must ask why would you be cranky too if you were #2?????

  73. EG #2 Says:

    I know(#6) you did state you were “Just Kidding”.LOL

  74. #6 Says:

    What I meant by #2 was as in the bathroom terminology. Get it, huh, huh?
    I know, I know it’s disgusting.

  75. way2much Says:

    “I know, I know it’s disgusting.”
    Not to mention immature! LOL

    #2 – can we call you EG?!
    Does oops, almost posted a name – 9soon2beA read these posts? Ok no big deal! Just wondering – and what happened to TV or VT or whatever, did she run off with another cousin?? Can that be another episode on As the Cousin Party Turns!?

  76. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Good guess #4. You’re right, but that’s not the movie #8a was thinking about. The actual quote is:
    “What, as opposed to the planet ‘Look at me, Look at me!'”
    I’ll give you a hint. It’s another teen movie. More recent than the Brat Pack. 1999 to be exact.
    As for V, you’re the one that put it in her head to get another husband!
    Just in case I forget…Happy Birthday V! I know it’s early…But have a great day! And #6a just celebrated a BDay too! What Fun!

  77. way2much Says:

    Oh Crap, I missed 6A’s birthday and she remembers everyone’s so well.

    Ok not that she reads this, but hopefully potty mouth 6 will relay the message! LOL

    I am at a total loss now regarding the 1999 movie! Is it one of the American Pie movies? I’ve seen them but didn’t pay strict attention! Oh well – I will leave it someone else to figure it out then. But where are they? I am getting depressed!
    Give me ideas of things to write about!

  78. ~Kat #8 Says:

    OK, I tortured you long enough…It’s ’10 Things I Hate About You’ with Julia Stiles…Have you ever seen it? Anyway what the heck happened to #3??? She can’t still be sleeping. What is she bringing???? I need to plan my meals for the day. And has #4 committed to beef tips. Just trying to get this going again! I guess it’s just me and you again. The two housewives with way too much time on their hands!

  79. #4 Says:

    OK OK
    I am committed to bring the tips – although I may go for broke the way we eat!

    #3 is useless when it comes to computers and having fun – it seems a set of twins and a one year old hamper your abilities to play along in adult games! That and the fact that she is living with her mommy and daddy! LOL -Just kidding! – house is coming along nice!

    Don’t know where #7 went either! #6 and #5A or VT or TV. She played for a bit but then left without saying goodbye! (sniffing & wiping tears from cheek!) #1 and #2 made an appearance but that is all – and I won’t even go there with #9 – I guess planning a wedding is an obstacle to family conversations as well! LOL

    Looks like it is you and me kid! I’ve been gone for a bit, but soon I will be back full time! (be afraid!)

  80. #6 Says:

    I’m alive. #1 forgot some classic names as well. For example:

    Mike Hunt
    Al Coholic
    Capt. Condom
    Billy Boobs

  81. way2much Says:

    #6 is that first name yours?
    Signed – Ms. Thong!

  82. Sugar Heaven Tower Says:

    Hi, I’m back!!! Work was a little nutty over the past few weeks. I’m not sure if I would prefer being a state or an appliance. You guys seem to be having quite a lot of fun. Ms. Thong thank you for the compliment and Ms. Silver Thighs, I meant to tell you that you look fantastic.

  83. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Why Thank You, Thank You Very Much!

  84. way2much Says:

    This just in – #9 had her secretary add what she will be bringing to the BBQ!
    Where does the bridesmaid’s obligations end??

  85. V #5 Says:

    You are quite welcome!!

  86. #1 Says:

    Hey #4, I saw that comment about the Rat Pack! So what if I was born during the Kennedy administration! I ain’t that old!
    So what if I remember things like cars from the late 60’s, milk that left a film around the glass, hoola hoops, rockem sockem robots, matchbox cars, ginip ginop, etc.
    I still think you guys have WAY TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS! See y’all at the party next Saturday!

  87. way2much Says:


    Definitely potato salad (I know I know how about something different) but its the summer and what’s a summer without potato salad? That’s like a hot-dog without Mayo, or a hamburger without jelly, or peanut butter and cream cheese! Just kidding! I will be there around 4pm since I live so far away and the traffic is murder! Wait, I can walk there and still beat all you other cousins! LMAO!

    Anyway, can’t wait to see you all. Except for #7 who I hope to see at the picnic.

  88. way2much Says:

    Sure rub it in – it took me 3 hours to get home from the wedding shower!
    Let’s hope it doesn’t take me that long to get there next week! I hate the GWB!

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