8th Grade Formal

I need to find out what the protocol these days are for boys and girls and school dances.

My son will be graduating 8th grade this June.  His school is having a formal for all the students that will be moving on to High School.  I just found out he will be attending with a female friend.  He finally acknowledged that she is his girlfriend. She is a nice girl and all they do is talk on the phone, instant message and text message.

I have a close relationship with my son and I know this dance will be highly supervised. I trust him and his judgement.  I am not encouraging this "date" yet I am not talking against it either.  I know it is harmless at this point. What I am wondering is if he should buy her a corsage.  He did not say "No way" but I don't know if they do that nowadays and if they do, is she expecting one? 

Will I be taking it too far if he does get her one? Are they too young? I would just assume not to get one, but I would hate for him to do something improper.  I'd like him to be a gentleman and treat her nicely.  But is this too old fashioned or even too mature?  


9 Responses to “8th Grade Formal”

  1. Nicky B Says:

    NO!! Do not buy her one. Doing this only makes the situations more awkward. My son just went to an 8th grade formal, and the girls felt weird when only some had the corsage.

  2. way2much Says:

    Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately the formal was last week and we ended up buying her a corsage.

    I totally agree, it was weird and awkward. My son was one of 25 kids invited to her house for a pre-formal gathering (mainly so the girls can take pictures and arrive at the dance together). My son took one look at the crowd and said, "keep that thing in your bag and don't take it out." It was intimidating.
    I heard parents bought their girls corsages so I thought it wouldn't be so bad to buy it for her. But no other girl had one. The one that did, discretely took it off and gave it back to her mother. I passed the corsage to my son's "friends" mom and told her to decide what to do. Her daughter said she couldn't wear it because it may ruin her dress. (It was a wrist corsage!) No offense taken though, we realized how weird it was. But we spent the money – might as well let her have it and if she wants, press it or something for a keepsake.

    My suggestion for anyone else facing this dilemma – buy a white carnation or chrysanthemum with baby breath flowers and give it to her instead of a corsage. This way you can present her with something (long live chivalry!) yet not have her feel weird being the only one wearing something out of the ordinary.

    Thanks for commenting! You were totally on the money!

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  4. rachel Says:

    im in 8th if my boyfriend got me a corage i would think think it was really cute but it just depends what social group he in but i were her i woulded mind 🙂

  5. Marinkina Says:

    Да,aleks,побороть лень, действительно иногда очень сложно..

  6. Ferinannnd Says:

    Так зачитался, что пропустил любимую передачу)

  7. Ben Says:

    I’m thinking about gettin my gf one and she really wsnts one I’m going to

  8. Liana Says:

    I have my 8th grade formal at heshey comming up at the end of this month and I don’t have anybody to go or match with but people are still asking. But even if I was going with just a friend since I don’t have a boyfriend I would love it if he got me a corsage. I would think its so sweet and thoughtful.

  9. noah Says:

    i have my formal in may i may not go if i dount get a gf

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