Blue Angels

How am I supposed to go the beach on Saturday for the air show if it is supposed to be raining?

How can I do that and plant flags at Calverton?

I guess I have to get to the beach late.

How am I going to do that and clean my house by the time the rest of the gang comes over for dinner (what's for dinner?) and cake.

What am I getting my son for his birthday?

      Oh – that has been taken care of – very good!

This is going to be some crazy weekend!



4 Responses to “Blue Angels”

  1. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Hey! My Grandma is in Calverton! So I guess one day you’ll be planting flags for my Grandpa Banana! That’s great that you do that. Where do you find the time? You are officially SuperMom!!!

  2. way2much Says:

    Well thank you – Edna is preparing my cape as we speak – by the way, she is very angry that I insisted on a cape darling!

    The nerve of that bitch – when she saw me – she said “My God, you’ve gotten fat!”

    Short shit that she is!

    Anyway, what section will he be in? I can plant on your grandma – sounds morbid. (Hubby’s grandparents are in section 20 something. I think – and the Boy Scouts usually plant on Section 8 – but we do our visiting that day. We will probably do pick up next week.)

    Usually, we have no problem with the flag thing. It has been tradition that started some 8 years ago. But this is the first time we missed it.

    The beach was amazing – planned to do this months ago and asked the family to celebrate there for Dan’s birthday – but they didn’t go for it. So I decided/had to do it the same day – was not going to forego seeing the Blue Angels – so we decided on dinner and cake afterwards.
    BYW – dinner was cold cuts, because we never got the BBQ ready in time. Hubby hurt his shoulder and has been quite lacking in upkeep of the grounds. Good think D was able to mow the lawn the other day!

  3. #6 Says:

    I knew you’re an Incredible!

  4. way2much Says:

    Oh Gee #6 that was sweet!

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