A Message To My Husband on our Anniversary!

3-2006-downloaded121.jpg            LET’S MAKE TIME FOR US….

Our life together isn’t always easy. I know that may not be what you were expecting to hear on our anniversary, but it’s true!

Too often, you and I get so caught up in the little everyday moments of life that before long we seem to lose sight of “us”…the one thing that’s lasting and true.

But as we celebrate our anniversary and look to the future, let’s focus on loving each other, heart and soul.

Let’s get back to basics… to you, to me, and our love.

Because after all, that’s where we started, and that’s where we should always be.


But others are seeing this before he does.

Why? – ironically he said he will read it later (when he gets home from work) when I told him a card was there for him on the table! Could I have gotten a truer card!


It’s My Anniversary!

Big Deal!

For My Brother – To See if he still Tunes In!

I was trying not to procrastinate as I usually do.  So while I was showering this morning I was trying to think of a really annoying present to get my niece for her second birthday.  You know the type, either blow-up sort of thing that needs patching after the first week of play – or perhaps a tent to put together that takes up half their living space or that would need to go outside which would require constant supervision – or something that just makes a lot of noise.

So unless you want something like that my dear brother, let me know what I can get your daughter for her birthday – I only have one week to shop! LOL

Suggestions by others are welcome!

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I Yelled At My Nephew Today and I Feel Terrible!

I was on the phone today with my mother.

We live 70 miles away from each other (because I CHOSE to move out of the city) and we don’t get to see each other often.  I used to make the trip once a week – sometimes even more-so.  However, since my children started school and participating in every sport under the sun, it has become more difficult to visit. 

We try to talk on the phone – but she is impossible to have a phone conversation with.  WHY???

Well, for starters she interrupts herself constantly – HERSELF! not even me!  She will talk to other people in the room or talk to herself.  STOP LAUGHING – it is true! It is also frustrating – so today since I am PMS-ing it irritated the s*#t out of me! Usually, it does not! I am usually very mild mannered when it comes to this.  NOT TODAY!

To add to this problem, my sister is living at my parent’s home with her husband and her three children while they are doing renovations to their own house – GOOD NEWS – they are almost done and ready to move back in. Bad news – my mother has no patience – had none when we were growing up and definitely has none as a grandmother (she is not your typical – “let’s spoil the children” – “anything they want” – grandmother; which this in itself is both good and bad.  Good that they respect you as a parent and abide by the rules – you say no soda – by golly those children are not getting a sip of soda! I like that – but then on the flip side she acts too much like a second mother – they already have one, they need a little wink here and a wink there and something passed to  them with a “don’t tell your mom” maybe once in a while!

But seriously, I bring myself to the fact that the twins wanted to go outside.  MY father’s yard is more like a museum than an area where children can roam around free.  Therefore, my mother is a bit uptight about them going outside!  FRESH AIR – it is this unique thing that is free – not many children use it these days since the dawn of central air and video games.  If the children want to go out – I say open the doors and don’t let it slam them on the behinds on the way out!  But it became an ordeal!  The twins were begging – yes begging – my mother to take them out so they can color! Color! You know with crayons and paper!  They weren’t going to play ball or ruin the yard – well they may miss the paper and write on the table! Did I mention they are 6! One is a girl the other a boy!

OK – so while I am on the phone, my nephew is answering my mother by yelling everything.  Short tempered as I already was, I got annoyed with him and asked to speak to him. 

“Heeelllooo”, a sweet voice answers.

“Why are you yelling at grandma.” is the stern voice he hears back.

“Because she never listens to what I say.” strikes a chord with me but I am too furious to realize it.

“Well, too bad. I don’t like to hear you yell at grandma – she is older than you and you need to give her more respect than that. Do you hear me?” I pause. “Did you hear me? Are you there? OK so now since I told you not to yell, you won’t even talk – put grandma back on the phone.”

“Here, grandma.” back to a sweet voice.

I was so mad.  All during my conversation with my mother I heard her telling them, “one more minute”, “grandma just needs to take the clothes out of the dryer”, “just wait until grandma folds the laundry!”, “go outside, I will be there in a minute”, etc.  You get the point!

After a few more things were said and I got annoyed with comments my mother made to me (sorry I get a little defensive when we discuss arrangements for visiting one another – oops sorry for me to visit her.) I told her to hang up and spend time with the kids. Enough was enough torturing them. Stop talking to me and we will talk at a later time. Those poor kids were STARVING for attention and what do I do – I yell at my nephew instead of making him feel better.  Shame on me.

I will now call him and apologize – Aunt Elaine is the fun aunt, the happy-go-lucky aunt who invites them every year to spend a week and have fun together.  I am the aunt that acts like a grandma *wink*wink*.  But I never give them anything that mom or dad disagree with – but I spoil them with love and attention.  I never tell them to go away or later.  But today – I failed and I feel bad.

Happy First Day of Summer – aka – first day not having school!

Who in their right mind would call me at 8 AM?

Even if the kids had school today – I would be a bit annoyed at a call that early.  Unless you know me personally, and we have a deadline to work on – such as the 5th grade class trip or the yearbook for the 8th graders – do not call that early in the morning.  If it is a school day – I am busy getting my kids ready to start their day.  If it a weekend, I would like to either sleep in or spend a nice leisurely morning with family, not gibber-jabbering on the phone.

So when the phone rang this morning, I was annoyed to say the least! I was up – since my internal clock said it was time to wake. It was nice in the sense that I did NOT HAVE TO wake up – I just did.  I was awake, stretching when that nasty sound erupted.  I looked at my clock and it read 8:27 (I try to trick myself 3 snooze cycles worth by changing the clock time!) I blinked! I blinked again. I got mad!

Then I heard the message.  I do not know this woman personally.  She called to tell me she received something extra with her Pampered Chef order and if I could please call her back sometime today. She partook in a fundraiser for her daughter's dance class and had she read the notice I supplied, it stated that they will receive this item FREE with an order that exceeded $60. This applied to her! She called me the first day that I had nothing to do at a set time to question this! So early in the morning? Did she look at the clock?

Usually, I am not this bitchy BUT I worked my tail off these past few weeks and I am worn down. I was looking forward to waking up leisurely and the phone sound just annoyed me and after hearing that this was not an urgent call just put me a bit over the edge.  This did not ruin my day, but certainly lowered my opinion of this lady. (not that I had one anyway!)

So moral of my story – I am not a morning person – don't call me earlier than 9 AM unless there is a death in the family or you are in dire need.  On the other hand, since my children are no longer young ones, you may call up until 10-11 PM and I will not flinch – usually!

Now – I hope everyone who has a break from running their children here, there and everywhere during the school year, enjoy your leisure summer – or your hectic summer or whatever summer you have – just enjoy – it is going by too fast already – Where did June go??

I Procrastinate…Therefore I Am!

Oh well.

If anyone of you know me personally, you will know I am the QUEEN of PROCRASTINATION. That and a big slob as well!  So I always plan to straighten out my house, but it seems to never get done!

Seriously though….

Last day of school is coming up and I did not get anyone a gift – not the busdriver, not the teacher, not the enrichment teacher (the lovely lady who required the Lighthouse of Alexandria!) and not the nurse, whom my daughter visited frequently in her 6 year span at the elementary school.  The nurse called my daughter a frequent flyer!

I did get the librarian, the art teacher and the orchestra teacher a little something.  Since I sell Pampered Chef – I had extra copies of our SEASON'S BEST Cookbook and some I-Slice do-hickeys left over. I wrapped them in a baggie and sealed it with a TWIXIT clip!  I included some Treasure chocolate candies and had my daughter sign the card with a statement that said she treasured her time in their class. Corny – I know.

She still needs to get her general teacher a gift – her two gym teachers a gift and her music/chorus teacher a gift – all of which are males.  HMM! Well most are! (sorry)

I was also thinking of getting some baked goodies sent to the front office for the principal and her staff.  Since I volunteered up at that school for the past 8 years, I was always up there and we developed a nice rapport. So as a thank you for all their help and patience with dealing with me (no – I am not bad!) I thought I would give them a little something as a thank you but I am out of ideas!

I think I will give the men some lottery cards – I still have a few hours to decide!

Now what do I get my children for moving up?

My son? – I purchased the first season of Friend's! He likes the show and I think it is fitting since he is leaving some of his friends.  Some are going to High School East and some HS West. His best friend is moving back up state! (He has no luck with his friends moving out of town! poor kid)

My daughter? I was thinking of getting her a goalie lacrosse stick – but since that cost over $100 and my son's gift cost a mere $20 – I have to think of something else for him – perhaps a docking station for his iPod.

Any suggestions for a 14 yob and 11 yog? I have until midnight tonight! LOL

See I told you I procrastinate!  One thing I don't do is LIE!


Another qoute from something famous.  I seem to love that quote – I hear it in my head a lot.  Psychologist may have a field day with that one.

Anyone care to comment on where that quote is from and who said it!?

I hear this in my head when I have a lot to do, such as cleaning and organizing and when I am angry or frustrated! LOL

Anyway, just had to post that for some reason! Plus – I think I lost the cousins! Where have they gone!