My Siberian Husky.

Well folks,

Enjoy, this will be the only picture of a family member you will see on my blog. Although, I would love to show off my beautiful family, I am a bit leery of putting my pictures out there for some unseemly individual to get their hands on. Wolf

Wolf is my Siberian Husky.  He is 10 years old.  We bought him when my daughter was not even one.  I was a bit nervous, but he was wonderful with her and IS still wonderful around children. 

So gentle.  Just look at those blue eyes!

Poor Wolf – he looks like a wolf, doesn't he, got hit by a car while my husband was walking him.  He was just a puppy and very playful.  It was a rainy day and he was on a leash. But the leash got caught on a bush and he emerged FREE!  He was so excited.  My husband made the mistake to lunge at him and Wolf took off into the street right in front of a car. 

The driver was so upset, he offered to pay for medical expenses.  My husband, knowing it wasn't this man's fault did not accept.  My husband drove Wolf to the vet, which in turn told us he could do nothing for him.  They transported him to a hospital in the city.  They performed surgery and he was even in ICU for a while – I had no idea such a thing existed for animals.  I was shocked to the extreme they went through to save him. 

A few days and a couple of thousand dollars later, my dog was back home.  My husband had to carry him down the stairs to walk him.  Soon, he was well enough to do it on his own.  In bad weather he feels his injuries. He walks with a limp and he struggles at times to lie down. His old age is creeping up on him and his arthritis must be excruciating. He takes Chondroitin for hs muscles.  Other than that, he is great! He is still playful. 

This picture was taken just last summer!

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7 Responses to “My Siberian Husky.”

  1. #8a Says:

    i see the family resemblance!!!

  2. way2much Says:

    You make your debut to my blog with a comment like that!

    Welcome – anyway!

  3. #6 Says:

    When did that happen to #4e?

  4. #4 Says:

    Let’s see, It happened about 10 years ago. It was in the spring and we didn’t even have him for a year. About a year later, he ran away – we found him (I found him) in another town about 15 miles away. Our neighbors were having work done to their house and he loved to dig holes and go under the fence into their yard! We think one of the workers took him. I used PetFinders to locate him! I was so worried because I thought they all looked alike and I wouldn’t be able to find him, but after going to a few shelters and being disappointed, he clearly was not any of the huskies I saw, I finally found him at someone’s house! She called pet finders but thought a man with a red leash would claim him, since that is who she saw Wolf get away from! My dog knew who his owner was! He was so thrilled to see me and vice versa! By the way 6a gave up on the search but due to my persistance, we got him back!

  5. Morgan of the Lake Says:

    He’s just beautiful. I love Siberian Huskies and Malamutes.
    It is amazing the lengths people will go through to save their pets. There are kidney transplants, insulin injections for diabetic animals..a friend from work just had her cat undergo radiation treatment for its thyroid. For weeks she had to treat its poop like hazardous material.
    But they are members of the family, and it’s easy to understand why we fall in love with them and fight to keep them healthy.

  6. way2much Says:

    Ok in comment #4, I mistakenly accused M’s wife of not giving a damn about my dog! Seeing that my husband would be 4A not 6A, I was incorrect with my number system. Please forgive me!

  7. way2much Says:

    I had no idea my dog was being submitted to ICU. I have no idea what I would have chosen if they gave me the option. I guess my husband must have shown how upset we were and the vet realized he was just a puppy and his chances for recovery would be great. I almost laughed (out of nerves) after hanging up from the hospital when they gave me the prognosis. That was when I realized I loved this dog and nothing would change that. I was so nervous and sick over the accident and his condition. I overlooked the hair he shed constantly (although I still complain somewhat about that!)

    When he got lost for that 10 day stint, I thought to myself, I am not giving up that easy, not after what we went through just the year before! I am glad I was persistent. My husband was shocked that I went through all the hassles – I got to know this island real well, with all the driving around! He then realized beneath my tough exterior, I was a mush for this dog as well!

    Some people let their dogs run their lives. I don’t. I love my dog, but he is just a dog. He doesn’t go on my furniture, he is good natured and never begs at the dinner table. We feed him scraps on very rare occasions BUT it is always away from our table! I don’t think I have seen a dog eat a sparerib from anyone’s hand as gently as my dog does! I am very proud of Wolf, he is such a gentle dog, my husband trained him well. I recommend a Husky for anyone with small children. They are very gentle for big dogs!

    I am not much of a dog person. Like my father, I believe a dog needs a large area to run around in. I don’t have that type of property. I used to like cats! But I started to get annoyed with always reprimanding them from being on the counters, etc. I skeive that! Plus, I hated cleaning out the litter box! My husband is not fond of cats, so it was a dog that we settled on. We did have cats in the beginning and my son loved them, but was petrified of dogs. My husband would not have any of that – no child of his will be afraid of animals, so to cure that he purchased Wolf from a friend of his that bred huskies. I was concerned because my daughter was under a year old and I would have to be very alert and cautious. But, he was so good and my children were so good, we lucked out!

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