A mother’s thoughts on the freedom of summer.

I just put on a pot of coffee.

I will probably be up all night.

I have been contemplating a lot of things lately.

Another school year is coming to an end.

My daughter will be moving up to middle school.

My son will be moving up to high school.

A lot of transitions to go through this year.

A lot of hormones and adrenaline in my home. Two children basically going through puberty at the same time!

I need a bubble bath!

My son will be home tomorrow at 2:30 instead of staying after for his practices.  I would usually pick him up at 5:00.  My day was just shortened by 2.5 hours.  Lacrosse is over and he will have a lot of pent up energy he will need to release.  I am in for a treat!

My daughter does not need to be dropped off for early activities any more.  Perhaps we can be more at ease in the mornings.  Something tells me I am wrong to think this!

She will be graduating from her DARE program Monday morning.  I will videotape it. What did she learn? I have no idea.  My husband and I give her our own lessons at home, so has she learned from Officer Bill, my husband or me or a combination of all? Is it too soon to tell? Of course it is.  Peer pressure has just begun, I am afraid. Remind me to post about an acquaintance of mine's missing "dime". I was so naive, it wasn't funny!  I don't want my children to be naive, but I do not want them being too smart either, if you get my point.

Apron strings, they must be untying.  But I think I triple knotted them, it is difficult to come undone!  I have to let go, that is the only way they will learn.  But my heart is in my throat as I let them off the block, to the movies on their own, or even to a friend's house where I can't keep my eye on them.  I have to relinquish control and hope they learned the lessons I taught and use them to the best of their ability.

I am not done teaching, but I must let them take what I have given so far and venture on their own somewhat.  Only when we fall, can we get up and brush ourselves off and know not to do THAT again.  I can't always be there to catch them, so they need to find out how to break their falls when they come.

I trust my husband and I are doing a fine job. I trust my children and their good heart and bright minds. I trust in the Lord. But what a long summer it is going to be!


2 Responses to “A mother’s thoughts on the freedom of summer.”

  1. Beth Says:


    Take a bubble bath with your favorite book and just relax. 🙂 You rock!

  2. way2much Says:

    Thanks Beth!
    I need all the support I can get! 🙂

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