I have not been abducted by aliens…

It is just that I am wrapping up "end of the year" loose ends with my children's schools.

I sold over 500 yearbooks and still people want to get their hands on one! I sent home notice after notice warning them.  I had to turn away teary eyed young girls once I ran out of my supply. They had PLENTY of time to pre-order but I still feel bad for them.  I need to get tough!

My daughter's fifth grade trip is finally over – bus left without me  (the coordinator!), showed up over an hour late and we missed our tour on the Intrepid, but all in all it was a good trip – more on that another day!

I still have to get my daughter to her dance dress rehearsal tonight (8:50 is her stage time!). Then tomorrow she has a lacrosse tournament in another town (about 45 miles away) in which she has to be there at 9:15, so we need to wake up early – sort of hard to do when she will be getting in late tonight. WAIT – she also has a softball picnic at 1:00 and she needs to be at her dance recital at 5:00! It's all my fault – but she is a skinny well coordinated poised young lady who is also tough as nails!

So forgive me for not posting in a while – trust me, when I do again, it will be a lot and some may even be humorous!

Both my daughter and son will be graduating (moving – up is what we call it) next week, so I won't be on until then.

Breathe in

Breathe out

Breathe in

Breathe out!!! 


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