I Procrastinate…Therefore I Am!

Oh well.

If anyone of you know me personally, you will know I am the QUEEN of PROCRASTINATION. That and a big slob as well!  So I always plan to straighten out my house, but it seems to never get done!

Seriously though….

Last day of school is coming up and I did not get anyone a gift – not the busdriver, not the teacher, not the enrichment teacher (the lovely lady who required the Lighthouse of Alexandria!) and not the nurse, whom my daughter visited frequently in her 6 year span at the elementary school.  The nurse called my daughter a frequent flyer!

I did get the librarian, the art teacher and the orchestra teacher a little something.  Since I sell Pampered Chef – I had extra copies of our SEASON'S BEST Cookbook and some I-Slice do-hickeys left over. I wrapped them in a baggie and sealed it with a TWIXIT clip!  I included some Treasure chocolate candies and had my daughter sign the card with a statement that said she treasured her time in their class. Corny – I know.

She still needs to get her general teacher a gift – her two gym teachers a gift and her music/chorus teacher a gift – all of which are males.  HMM! Well most are! (sorry)

I was also thinking of getting some baked goodies sent to the front office for the principal and her staff.  Since I volunteered up at that school for the past 8 years, I was always up there and we developed a nice rapport. So as a thank you for all their help and patience with dealing with me (no – I am not bad!) I thought I would give them a little something as a thank you but I am out of ideas!

I think I will give the men some lottery cards – I still have a few hours to decide!

Now what do I get my children for moving up?

My son? – I purchased the first season of Friend's! He likes the show and I think it is fitting since he is leaving some of his friends.  Some are going to High School East and some HS West. His best friend is moving back up state! (He has no luck with his friends moving out of town! poor kid)

My daughter? I was thinking of getting her a goalie lacrosse stick – but since that cost over $100 and my son's gift cost a mere $20 – I have to think of something else for him – perhaps a docking station for his iPod.

Any suggestions for a 14 yob and 11 yog? I have until midnight tonight! LOL

See I told you I procrastinate!  One thing I don't do is LIE!


2 Responses to “I Procrastinate…Therefore I Am!”

  1. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Is it really necessary to buy gifts for all those teachers? Aren’t you a class Mom? Couldn’t you take a collection from the class and buy cash cards for the teachers? Just wondering. You are very generous and toughtful by the way.:)

  2. way2much Says:

    I was not class mom – this year!
    I ended up not getting everyone a gift and I feel so guilty about it. I ignored enrichment and the gym teachers, and I didn’t bother with the nurse or the office staff! Shame on me!
    By the way, class moms collected $6 from all students, one dollar went to each special area teacher – art, music, 2 gym teachers and librarian and the orchestra/band teacher. That is how I think it was divvied up – who knows – I really don’t care now! Gym teachers always came by to see D play his middle school sports games, they even went to see them play town ball – so they are dedicated teachers, well that was until they became dads! LOL

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