Happy First Day of Summer – aka – first day not having school!

Who in their right mind would call me at 8 AM?

Even if the kids had school today – I would be a bit annoyed at a call that early.  Unless you know me personally, and we have a deadline to work on – such as the 5th grade class trip or the yearbook for the 8th graders – do not call that early in the morning.  If it is a school day – I am busy getting my kids ready to start their day.  If it a weekend, I would like to either sleep in or spend a nice leisurely morning with family, not gibber-jabbering on the phone.

So when the phone rang this morning, I was annoyed to say the least! I was up – since my internal clock said it was time to wake. It was nice in the sense that I did NOT HAVE TO wake up – I just did.  I was awake, stretching when that nasty sound erupted.  I looked at my clock and it read 8:27 (I try to trick myself 3 snooze cycles worth by changing the clock time!) I blinked! I blinked again. I got mad!

Then I heard the message.  I do not know this woman personally.  She called to tell me she received something extra with her Pampered Chef order and if I could please call her back sometime today. She partook in a fundraiser for her daughter's dance class and had she read the notice I supplied, it stated that they will receive this item FREE with an order that exceeded $60. This applied to her! She called me the first day that I had nothing to do at a set time to question this! So early in the morning? Did she look at the clock?

Usually, I am not this bitchy BUT I worked my tail off these past few weeks and I am worn down. I was looking forward to waking up leisurely and the phone sound just annoyed me and after hearing that this was not an urgent call just put me a bit over the edge.  This did not ruin my day, but certainly lowered my opinion of this lady. (not that I had one anyway!)

So moral of my story – I am not a morning person – don't call me earlier than 9 AM unless there is a death in the family or you are in dire need.  On the other hand, since my children are no longer young ones, you may call up until 10-11 PM and I will not flinch – usually!

Now – I hope everyone who has a break from running their children here, there and everywhere during the school year, enjoy your leisure summer – or your hectic summer or whatever summer you have – just enjoy – it is going by too fast already – Where did June go??


4 Responses to “Happy First Day of Summer – aka – first day not having school!”

  1. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Guess who I’m calling bright and early tomorrow morning just to say ‘Hi!’ Relax and have a cup of coffee. See you real soon!

  2. teri Says:

    I agree, nothing quite as glorious as the first day of summer vacation….especially for mom!

  3. way2much Says:

    Yes, and now officially the second day of summer vacation – do not count the weekend! – is such a glorious day as well. I have two yelling children in my ear therefore I locked myself in the bedroom before I do something that may land me in jail!

  4. way2much Says:

    I read between the lines – see you at Jenn’s shower!! AAHHH I can say it out loud now! It was fun – wasn’t it!?

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