A Message To My Husband on our Anniversary!

3-2006-downloaded121.jpg            LET’S MAKE TIME FOR US….

Our life together isn’t always easy. I know that may not be what you were expecting to hear on our anniversary, but it’s true!

Too often, you and I get so caught up in the little everyday moments of life that before long we seem to lose sight of “us”…the one thing that’s lasting and true.

But as we celebrate our anniversary and look to the future, let’s focus on loving each other, heart and soul.

Let’s get back to basics… to you, to me, and our love.

Because after all, that’s where we started, and that’s where we should always be.


But others are seeing this before he does.

Why? – ironically he said he will read it later (when he gets home from work) when I told him a card was there for him on the table! Could I have gotten a truer card!


78 Responses to “A Message To My Husband on our Anniversary!”

  1. way2much Says:

    I have to post script here –
    Life is good
    I am happy
    Time is just going by too fast.
    I know part of his reason for not reading it then, was that he wasn’t prepared with one himself at that time.
    He is always considerate as he already made plans for just him and I to see a show tomorrow night – problem is that “extended” family invitations get in the way. Not complaining here about that – I love seeing the “extended” families on both sides, but it just seems every weekend is occupied by something or another.

  2. way2much Says:

    PSS – Thank God we do have a loving family that we can spend time with – not looking gift horses in the mouth! 🙂

  3. Morgan of the Lake Says:

    Happy anniversary. Ours was on the 20th and it’s always so nice to get out and just be…together.
    Hope you had a great time.

  4. way2much Says:

    And a very Happy Belated Anniversary to you too!
    We did have a very nice weekend together!
    Friday – our actual anniversary was just another day.
    Saturday started out with the family going to the Bay for my daughter’s lacrosse festival. It ended around 2 and we spent some time on the beach. Then we headed to our Aunt’s house (she is more like an older sibling to my husband than an aunt). We celebrated our two cousins graduation from college. We left the children there and headed to see a local production of Grease (my husband’s gift to me.)
    His parents brought our children home and we got in around 11 PM.
    Sunday my daughter, my cousin and my two nieces, who are visiting from Florida, went to another aunt’s house to spend the evening. My son went back to Aunt #1 to spend time with our male cousins, which left my husband and I alone. We decided to take a drive to a town called Port Jefferson. This is a very hot tourist attraction. We walked along the shops and then ended up at the restaurant he proposed to me at. We sat at the pier and had some drinks and listened to live music. We headed home around midnight. We had a wonderful time – just getting back to him and I!
    It was much needed and much appreciated and enjoyed.
    But now, it is back to the grind!
    However, I will cherish our Anniversary weekend!

  5. fatuma sarah Says:

    i wanted know how to message my onw hasband?
    thanx u..

  6. Kim Says:

    That’s so beautiful. I was wanting the right words to say. It’s our 6th Anniversary tomorrow. Thank You.

  7. irma Says:

    happy anniversary baby!!!

  8. irma (nov. 18) Says:

    We had our ups and downs, we almost gave up but through it all our love still manage to grow. I love you more than before baby!! words can’t explain my feelings but i want you to live and stay in my heart forever…. You’re my life!!! Mahal na mahal kita!!!

  9. Ellen Says:

    On April 22nd it will be our 2nd anniversary…I wanted to know how I message my husband.Thank You!!

    • gemma ranez Says:

      to my dear husband! i want you to know that i want to live forever with you.,,,always take care and i love you so much…

      • gemma ranez Says:

        to the only man in my life..your the Gods gift to me. I never expected you to come. we fall in love each other and promised to be faithful with the love we have..thank you for treating me so special. Happy anniversary honey…i love you so much

  10. xoxoful Says:

    How can I message my husband on our anniversary. Thanks!

  11. Melody Says:

    This is the message I left my husband on our 8th Wedding Anniversary this August 🙂
    From the moment we met, I felt something special between us. Even in those times when you were a constant nuisance and teased me uncontrollably. It started out as friendship and grew into love.

    You are my strength, my friend & my husband. I am still looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you 😉 Happy Anniversary & I love you ♥ xo’s

  12. christy may nagac Says:

    i’ll never love anyone…the way i loved you!

  13. sbl Says:

    18 years ago, we became one. As years passing by, we beat all the challenges in our life. But we still remain together as one. Because that is our TRUE LOVE. Sometimes we forgot our relationship as couples because we focused on our kids and other family matters. But in my heart and mind.You are my partner,my life and my love!!!!Love you HONEY the father of my kids and my best friend.

  14. Pamela Zagado Victorio Says:

    happy anniversary hon love you so much.

  15. steia Says:

    wala na ako hahanapin pa ikaw lang..mahal n mahal kita ikaw n ang buhay ko noon at magpakaylanman.

  16. priyanka Says:

    on 24th feb my first wedding anniversary..we met nd talk daily on ph nd fall in love..my family frnds were against us..but after so many struggle..we got married..i want to tell whole journy through message..can anyone help me?

  17. Ziidjiane Victoria-Jimnenez Says:

    I love you Cjae Jimenez..

  18. Ziidjiane Victoria-Jimenez Says:

    I love you Carlo Jimenez..

  19. missusanu Says:

    me n my husband related 2 different cast n culture.we faced many difficulties but now we r 2gether..my parents r against with our married..but now they r also happy with us…!!thanks god for being our side……….an Love u soo much my dear husband “U”

  20. lorefe Says:

    Happy 4th anniversary!!! i love you so much..thank you for always being there for me. thank you for loving me with all your heart… we may faced ups and downs in life but we still manage on making our relationship strong.. i thank god i found you. thank you for being a responsible father to our daughter..i love you with all my heart.. i want to spend the rest of my life with you.. i love you so much!!!

  21. anny Says:

    i 1 wedding part

  22. emily parada Says:

    happy 13th yr wedding anniv.to my husband..i thank god for having u..my love for u will nver be fade.i love u so much!!

  23. JYjamypuff (@jamypuff) Says:

    happy 4yr.anniversary pappy i love you more.than u love me, thank you for being a responsible father to our daughter.

  24. anne Says:

    happy 6th wedding anniversary to my sweetheart,its hard for us to be apart but being apart from each other makes our relationship stronger.words cant express how much i love u.ilove u more each day,cant wait to be in your arms again,thank u for loving me..and offcourse a million thanks to god by giving me a sweet,loyal,caring,thoughful,loving,patience husband,,ilove u so much forever,time goes by,years goes by,anniversaries goes by, but my love for you will never….

  25. Chie guaansing Says:

    Happy 16th anniversary to Mr. R. Guansing!
    I know we are in a mid of crisis w/ are relationship but I hope/wish & pray that we can cope all the abstacle we are in right now! I hope this is not our last anniversary. Even if, I love you so much & I love you even more! God bless us! Mwah!!!!!

  26. Chie g. Says:

    (sorry for the typo error! I need to repost. Ty!)

    Happy 16th anniversary to Mr. R. Guansing!
    I know we are in a mid of crisis w/ are relationship but I hope/wish & pray that we can cope all the abstacle we are in right now! I hope this is not our last anniversary. Even if, I love you so much & I love you even more! God bless us! Mwah!!!!!

  27. angelmae Says:

    Happy 23rd monthsary bhe bhe..thank you for having a good husband and daddy too our child..i couldn’t us for more in these world..i already got the best man in my life…more blessings in our family!..i love u so much & i love u more than my life bhe n baby…god bless us..ummmuuuaaaaahhhhhhhssss!!!!

  28. marie Says:

    Happy 19th wedding monthsary to us babe,even though we are thousand miles away from each other now,you still made me feel that your just here beside me.in times of trouble,ups and downs,you are still there for me..you never ignored me;ilove you just the way you are babe,you will always be my BIG BOSS haha and i will always be your banana queen..thank you babe and i loveyou so much.i will be there soon.we will be the happiest couple on earth..mwah

  29. jhoanna Says:

    can you pls give me a better message for my hubby on our 9th year wedding anniversary… tnx

  30. ruby gonzales Says:

    to my husband Efren,
    I really thank God for giving me you,for letting me feel how special I am of receiving someone special and that is you…love you so much..happy anniversary…

  31. angie cagampang Says:

    FIVE (5) yrs. in a row…nothing can compare my love for you…
    even we’re miles apart but my heart & mind would still be the same…your message made me stronger today as i opened it now…keeps me wide awake & complete…Happy 5th yr. anniv. beh Robert Idjao Laran have a happy one…love you & miss you too ♥…i’ll wait for your call..thanks for everything…So surprised now i never thought you would still remember it until we’ll be together again heheheh…god bless you ♥♥♥

  32. angie cagampang Says:

    please kindly send me nice messages thanks a lot…

  33. jayzi Says:

    happy 1st anniversary to my dearest honey Alissandra marie..
    i love you so much..

  34. janinay CUTIE 23 ... ;D Says:

    oh happy anniversary to my grandparents they are celebrating 40th anniv. (RUBY) … I wish they last forever until there golden anniv. I am so happy LEONIDA AND JOSE 4ever!!!!!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE>>>>>!!!!!!!!!

  35. mctum Says:

    can you pls give me a better message for my hubby on our 3rd year civil wedding anniversary… tnx

  36. mctum Says:

    can you pls give me a better message for my hubby on our 3rd year civil wedding anniversary…( Oct. 19 ). thanks..

  37. aiihh07 Says:

    Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy 6th years of LOVE with you… I just want to share my prayer to God for us to keep strong, full of love, faith and blessed… Sorry if this is what I can do for our anniversary… But I think this is more effort because my letter to you and God is English… XD (hahhhaha)… I started and need to finish till the end of the letter… Hey thank you… thank you… thank you.. for everything you know what I mean, I just want to return this to you cause you always treat me every time we celebrate our monthsary  … May be next anniversary I’m more prepare because that time where working, earning and saving money for our future… Promise me to give better life in the future to work hard for us, and be more matured enough cause where not getting young but where getting old… I just want to proved something to my family that my life will be better together with you, so that at the right time when where ready to build a family, we can give them a better life and future, I want you to think like this baby, it’s free to dream but much better to do what your dreaming…  That seriously talking as of now I’m 23 and you too turning 23 see the age we must look forward of pursuing our dreams and goal… I’m saying all of this for us… Sorry for all those bad day that we’ve been through, Sorry if sometimes I get jealous of small things , I’m just scared of loosing you and get your attention by other … I give my all to you and I hope that’s proved how much I love you, and I want you to do the same thing… I love you so much! And thank you for everything…


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  39. honey Says:

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  47. anu Says:

    I am so lucky to have you as my husband and this is my best day in my life. Happy 2nd anniversary to you my dear. i love you forever….Frm : your loving wife

  48. anu Says:

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  66. Cha Says:

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