For My Brother – To See if he still Tunes In!

I was trying not to procrastinate as I usually do.  So while I was showering this morning I was trying to think of a really annoying present to get my niece for her second birthday.  You know the type, either blow-up sort of thing that needs patching after the first week of play – or perhaps a tent to put together that takes up half their living space or that would need to go outside which would require constant supervision – or something that just makes a lot of noise.

So unless you want something like that my dear brother, let me know what I can get your daughter for her birthday – I only have one week to shop! LOL

Suggestions by others are welcome!

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3 Responses to “For My Brother – To See if he still Tunes In!”

  1. Dear Brother Says:

    Hmm — I am clueless as what to get her. She really does not need anything. I never got your kids things that took up a lot of space or made alot of noise, so I expect you wouldn’t either. LOL. Whatever you decide I am sure she will love it. If you ask her what she wants she will tell you a cupcake. So hey — why not you can get off cheap.

  2. way2much Says:

    I bought her a cupcake already for Christmas! LOL – the Strawberry Shortcake thing I think it was.

    Anyway, I was kidding, I will not buy anything obnoxious like that. I already bought her a novelty item that needs something extra, but I will leave that to you and your wife to purchase – as it would be to fit your decorating taste – no more being said – won’t give it away! But my adorable niece would not appreciate it perhaps until she is older – so should I get her a toy or should I get her an outfit?? I cannot bake her a cupcake unfortunately 😦 I will have to leave that to her other aunt, which by the way does a nice job of it – ooh unless I can do it at mom’s on Friday! aha – lightbulb over head goes off!

  3. The Son Says:

    Hmm — I too am a child of this grandma and while I can appreciate both sides, I am a son and will always side with his mother. I think this Grandma is burnt out. She is the grandmother of 7, has an elderly aunt that she needs to look after and works part time. I think we all remember the grandma of yester-year who stayed home all day and sowed and had no other responsibilities in the world. That Grandma got to be a true grandma and bake cookies,etc. Unfortunately today with Moms and Dads both having to work etc., we tend to rely on grandma to become a second Mom. In turn they find it hard to wear two different hats so the Mom comes out rather than the Grandma. I am the youngest child of 3 and I never rememeber my grandma watching me. My Mom and Dad waited until my sisters were old enough to watch me before they ever went out or relied on their own siblings to watch us. Today we are alittle more spoiled and grandma and grandpa have become built in sitters. I think as parents we now have to decide whether we want our children to have a second set of parents or to have grandparents. I am torn myself to be honest. I can say that it is hard raising children at 32 and having patients 24/7 I can’t imagine doing it at 60. I am also fortunate in that I live 2 minutes away from both of my children’s sets of grandparents so they get to spend quality time with us as their children and with my children as grandparents. I think if we were to live further away or did not get to see eachother as often, it would be harder because they would want to get to catch up with their own children and spend quality time etc. Therefore, they would tend to let the granchildren play on their own. That is why I like to have my parents baby-sit every once in awhile for an hour or two. This way they have qaulity time with their granchildren and are helping my wife and I out at the same time without being too overwhelmed. It definitely works out because there is a happy medium. I am fortunate that my wife is a stay at home Mom and I live 2 minutes away from my parents so my children are truly appreciating my parents as grandparents. I hope my children just realize how lucky they are to have 4 wonderful grandparents because a day doesn’t go by that I wish I had more time to spend with all 4 of mine.

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