Busy Days Ahead!

It is pouring outside!

My two nieces will be coming over after their dentist appointment.

They are visiting from Florida the entire month of July. Ok well they leave July 24th! They are staying with my mother-in-law – their grandmother. They will spend a few days here and there with me.

One will be 10 on July 27 and one is 6. My daughter is 11 and for the most part they get along fine! That is until my daughter runs out of patience. You see, she is the younger of my two and is not used to being around anyone younger than her – on a regular basis. She is a good girl, but she doesn’t possess the patience my son has. He happens to be very good with younger children – I guess because I always made sure he was protective of his younger sister. He also is the oldest grandchild on both sides of the family. Although my daughter is the second oldest, she still does not have that same quality about her.

But on to my busy days…

It is raining, so the girls will be inside. My nieces adore my daughter and want to sit near her, on top of her, breathe on her, etc!

I exaggerate, but you get my point – I hope. Let’s see how long my daughter will hold out. She loves to be alone – she needs her alone time – this will be trying!

They will sleep over tonight and possibly the next night, which leads us to Friday. Friday begins my crazy – fun-filled weekend!

My sister invited my two children to see a local baseball game. I will need to drive them in that afternoon. As it is local to my family, not to me! 🙂 They will enjoy the 7 PM game – I assume! Then I head back home!

Saturday will be our 4th Annual Cousins Party!! Much anticipated – which hmm – do we have our sign made up?? Anyway, I am bringing the steak! So this is another trip I need to make – it will take me approximately 2 hours, no traffic to get there.  Sad to say, I will be drinking very little – everyone else will probably be hammered! But I will enjoy nonetheless!  Since we all grew up and moved to other areas it is hard to get together. We used to see each other every Christmas Eve – when Christmas Eve’s were much anticipated.  We had huge seafood dinner and the gifts we got from Aunts L and F were always fun and exciting! Then we grew up…met significant others…started our own families and it got tight.  We needed to divide our time between in-laws and families and we rarely got to see each other anymore.  Hence the dawn of the cousin’s BBQ – an annual get together – no aunts, uncles or others invited – just us cousins! And it is good!

So then I get to drive the long way home Saturday night.  And start it again on Sunday! Another niece will be turning 2 on July 11th. So my brother and sister-in-law will be celebrating her birthday on the 9th – yup – you guessed it, another 1.5 hour drive there.  I am trying not to think about the monetary value this weekend will cost me in gas!  You really can’t put a price on family, and it will be a wonderful weekend. I am truly looking forward to it, but I will sleep like a baby until noon on Monday!

Don’t call me early that day – I will growl!

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5 Responses to “Busy Days Ahead!”

  1. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Why don’t you just stay at your mother’s for the weekend? Why all the back and forth? I know your sister is already there…so what’s one more adult and two more kids? I’d invite you to stay at my house, but all I have is floor space! You’re welcome to the floor or couch if you’d like! Anyway, sounds like a fun filled weekend. And that cousins BBQ sounds great…what a nice family you have. 😉

  2. way2much Says:

    Kat, I fixed your smiley!
    Yes, I have a wonderful family!
    You should meet them!
    Sleeping at mom’s would save one roundtrip (Friday night and Sunday afternoon). But I still have to travel from SI to NJ on Saturday.
    I also have a furry friend who needs to be tended to! I can’t leave him home all alone this weekend.
    Thanks for the invite though!
    Anyone staying in NJ overnight??
    I can’t wait until I do my house – yeah right – when will that be! I can then host and I should have enough space for overnighters! But I have been “planning my renovations” for 7 years now! Honestly though, with 2 teenagers on the horizon – one already there – one bathroom is NOT sufficient! LOL

  3. way2much Says:

    Did I mention no oven!

  4. Big A #1 Says:

    You have to ask? Of course the sign will be there, right on the front lawn! See you Saturday!

  5. way2much Says:

    Good thing to hear!
    We need those signs around Rte. 23! To lead us to our destination! LOL – I won’t head to Binghampton this time – I promise!
    Looking forward to Saturday! 🙂

  6. Big A #1 Says:

    #4, feel free to call my cell phone if you need directions. MapQuest is good but I think yahoo is better updated for driving directions. LMK if you need my cell number, I have yours (unless you changed it) from two years ago.

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