Top 10 (and then some) Things I miss about my Grandparents

Inspired by one of my brother’s comments on another post, I compiled a list of items I miss about my grandparents. My father’s father passed away when I was 5, so there isn’t much I remember about him – sad to say.

  • Grandma is my father’s mother.
  • Sito is my mother’s mother
  • and grandpa refers to my mother’s father.
  1. The way we used to walk on Sito’s back and hear her let out a big burp.  We used to fight to get to her first!
  2. Playing Basada and 4 Kings. Learning to play solitaire – pyramid, clock, 4up 3down, and others. (taught by Sito and grandpa)
  3. Watching Grandpa lurk at the buffet tables.
  4. Checking to see if Grandpa was still breathing on the couch or chair in which he fell asleep on.
  5. Hearing “Who put you hear?” or my favorite, “where’s you fah-ther?” when I would walk into Grandma’s house.
  6. Watching grandma piece together a jigsaw puzzle (I still can’t believe you got rid of all of them without consulting me!)
  7. Grandma beckoning me to the kitchen to show me her “surprise” she made JUST FOR ME! – breaded chicken legs! (this happened every visit!)
  8. Screaming “Sito’s here” and running down the stairs to greet them.
  9. Going in Sito’s bag to see what ‘goodies’ she stole from the restaurants for  us! (usually consisted of hard candy, some wrapped – some unwrapped!)
  10. Collecting pennies for Sito!
  11. Plain and simple – both grandma’s and Sito’s ethnic cooking!
  12. Grandpa’s patience in trying to teach me Arabic! (never learned – I could be making a billion bucks if I could only translate those jack-asses tapes.)
  13. Sito’s calls to put “said” channel on to watch “—-“
  14. “Puss puss” and Sito’s method of seeing if a cat was Catholic!
  15. Running around the table while grandpa chased me and my brother for fighting with one another – ok so this only happened once, but it’s stuck in my mind forever.
  16. Sito telling me that sex was overrated – not in that exact way, but message was loud and clear!
  17. Being taught how to crochet by Sito and having the needle being grabbed away from me while scolding me that I was holding it wrong! (To know Sito is to know she didn’t mean this in a negative way!)
  18. Just hearing the name Benjanie (sp?)
  19. Grandma tasting the tomato sauce and dumping more salt into the batch!
  20. Sito’s booties and shamrocks.
  21. Grandma’s frustration when I couldn’t understand what she was saying.
  22. Grandma and Sito “conversing” with one another at holidays. I am still wondering if they understood what the other was saying – I think they were having 2 entirely different conversations – (I also think they were discussing what a wonderful granddaughter they both had AKA me!)
  23. Grandma in her rocking chair sitting by the window.
  24. Grandma complaining about all the music Aunt L was playing and the big parties she had (sad to say they were all in her imagination)
  25. Sito taking out her teeth at night!
  26. Grandma INSISTING you have a meat-a-ball or a sauseege when you walk in. If you just dropped by to say hello or bring her something – you must sit and the whole refrigerator is emptied and you MUST eat or you offend her! She sits at the table and watches you and smiles. (Her little heaven on earth)

These were not in any particular order – just as they come to mind. Hope this got  you reminiscing about your own family times spent together and more importantly that they brought a smile to your face. I will add more if more come to mind.


4 Responses to “Top 10 (and then some) Things I miss about my Grandparents”

  1. The Son Says:

    That was great — I remember every single one of those times and those are the types of memories I want my children to have of my (our) parents. You are so lucky you had your children young in life because they (God Willing) will have many years of having grandparents. They were also very fortunate of of being the only granchildren for 8 and 5 years respectively. They had no one else to compete with. Not to mention their Grandma and PopPop have fond memories of their infancy/childhood. The remaining 5 granchildren (especially 3 of them) all seem to be clumped together. Your children are luckier than they probably realize at this point in life because they had all those years of Grandma and PopPop all to themselves. As well as their aunt and uncles attention. I cannot remember much about my other neices and nephews, but I rememeber: I see, how can you see I am on the phone, the boy giving the girl her first haircut, the boy’s first halloween as a puppy, the boy following his PopPop up and down the block crossing his arms in the same manner. I can go on and on. THe memories are endless. Trust me your children will remember. They will even remember trying to play a game with Grandam without one interruption, they will remember playing, scategories, guess who, don’t wake daddy and hi ho cheery-o. Trust me the memories are endless. I am sure they will compile their own list 25 years from now and one will be getting lost with POPPOP everytime going to PepBoys.

  2. way2much Says:

    The Son,
    You put a smile on my face because as usual – even though you are 4 years my junior – are right!
    I forget about my children’s toddler days and I get upset that I remember more about son than daughter – how is that possible!
    I see! – that one was a classic!
    How literal he still is!
    They did/still do have great times with grandma and poppop! Thanks for pointing that out to me. They get a kick out of their squabbles too. D will even instigate now. Stinker that he is.
    You forgot to mention Memory! and everyone’s favorite GAME OF THE YEAR!
    Trust me though, the three young girls are lucky to have one another, even though at this point one is poking another’s eye out and then gets pushed in return! But they are lucky in their own way, and yes God-willing our parents will be around for quite a while for ALL the grandkids to enjoy for a long time to come.

  3. way2much Says:

    OMG –
    How could I forget:
    27. “Who’s your little whosie who do you love?”

  4. The Son Says:

    Oh and I love your guts. Ollie now says that cause her Grandma taught her that one. I guess some things do get passed down.

  5. way2much Says:

    “Well cut me in half and call me shorty!”

    “There once was a little birdie that went hop, hop, hop…
    I said to the little birdie won’t you please stop, stop, stop…
    I went to the window to say how do you do…
    But he shook his little tail and far away he flew!”
    -must be said in a very squeaky voice!

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