What a Start to the Weekend!

I hate bridges.

George Washington Bridge – stinks.

Verrazano Narrows Bridge – for the most part is not too bad, but Friday it was worse than the GWB!

I thought I was going to pull my hair out that night.

True to my form, I left later than usual for my trip into the city from my suburbia!

I wanted to leave around 1 PM so that I can be there before rush hour traffic began. But I ended up leaving at 2:30.  I clocked the mileage – 72.3 miles door to door. So why did I get there at 5:00 PM? Why did it take me 2.5 hours to get to my mother’s house?

The $#%$%#% VNB! that is why! EZ-Pass my A$$!!

I was almost in tears. My kids were supposed to be at my parent’s house, eat at 4 and leave by 5 to catch the train to St. George. The game was supposed to start at 7 – but because of the amount of rain the area received, the SI Yankees were playing a double header that started at 6! So when I entered the top level of the bridge a short time before 4PM, I was upset but ok thinking I will be just a half hour behind schedule – HOW WRONG I WAS!

I never traveled faster than 5 MPH – and the span is over a mile long! It took me forever to get across.  And the stupid 1010 WINS did nothing to report on it.  They even went as far as saying no backup or delays heading into or out of Staten Island – if we’re not seeing what you are seeing, call us at “blah blah blah……”  My son grabbed my cell phone and punched the numbers but then chickened out! I was just in a state of shock. I call my sister to see if they knew anything at the house and she said, “that’s Friday traffic”.

WHAT THE #$#$@

You complain about traffic on Long Island and non-chalantly you say that taking an hour to cross the Hudson is normal? I hate bridges.  What if the psycho in the car next to me decides he is going to blow the thing up? I want to drive as fast as I can across the bridge, cross it under a minute and yet there I was for a full 45 minutes crawling across the span!

And once across?

The expressway was jam packed.  And they wonder (they being my family!) why I moved away.  Hmm…yeah I like sitting in a vehicle with no where to go stuck between trucks and cars around me.  So I pass the toll booth and I try to do what city drivers do, they just drive into a car until they are forced to stop or the two of them play chicken until one finally gives or you get into an accident! So, I unroll my passenger window and plea with the woman next to me, motioning that I need to cross 7 lanes of cars to get off the first exit just yards away from the booths.  She smiles and lets me through! SCORE! I realize the quick judgement to take the upper level over the lower level is what screwed me! I drive diagonal across the lanes, heart pounding not from fear but from anger and nerves (they are shot). I get off the exit and take the streets to my mother’s house and arrive at 5 PM. 

My kids scoff down some pizza – grab one for the road and ran out the door. My sister, her husband, her 6 year old twins, my father and my two children off to see a baseball game. They will meet my brother – he was the smart one who took the ferry!

So I was left with my mother and 18 month old niece 🙂

We eat some pizza, and get in the car and drive to the Christmas Tree Shop (which has no Christmas merchandise whatsoever) and Target. My niece makes a hit with everyone around with her smile and expressions!

I buy a few items – my favorite being a sneaker planter! I buy my other niece her 2nd Birthday present. It was decided by the little cherub sitting in the cart I was wheeling. “Aunt Eyane, I want to see this”. I hand  her the yellow school bus and she sighs and exclaims “oh I yike this!”, as she continues to push the bus driver’s head down over and over again. Decided – I am buying it!

So Ollie (my niece’s nickname) will get the bus, Dora memory game, a picture with her name description and a green bathing suit – only because every child needs a green bathing suit! 

At 8:30 my phone rings in Target! It is my dad trying to contact my mother. He wants to make sure he gave her the money he cashed from his check and did not misplace it somewhere! She has it – what a relief.  He tells us that the first game is over and they are waiting for the second one to start. I do my quick calculations and figure that at this rate, the game will not be over until 11:30. Oh boy and I have to drive home still!

We arrive back at my mother’s, put the little one to sleep and I don’t remember much after that.  I had a splitting headache and decided to rest on the couch.  I fell asleep. My kids walked in around 12:30 and we were out the door heading home.  We walked in at 2 AM.

It was the day of the cousins BBQ!

More on that later! 🙂


2 Responses to “What a Start to the Weekend!”

  1. way2much Says:

    My grammar is horrible! You think I can stay in the same tense at least!

  2. Way 2 Much » The Big Day! Says:

    […] (cont. from What a Weekend!) […]

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