The Big Day!

Do you believe in malocchio? Well more on this later…

Way2Much AKA #4’s view of the Cousin’s BBQ!

4th Annual Cousin's BBQ


(cont. from What a Weekend!)

OK – so I come home at 2 AM from Staten Island. I was not thinking properly. So on my way home I Monday morning quarterbacked!  What I should have done was drop my kids off, spend some time with my mom and go back home. Let my children sleep over and have my sister bring them to the cousin’s party. What fouls things up is my dog! I can’t sleep over and leave him alone and I can’t bring him along either. But I didn’t think of this alternative. But what I also didn’t count on was the fact that the game that should have been over at 10ish would be changed to a double-header and end at 11:30.

So enough about the night before!

But because of my late night, I wake up late the next morning.

I had made brownies at my mom’s house after our night of shopping. I had bought a cute plate from the Christmas Tree Shop that had a fish design. I arranged the brownies on the fish-dish and wrapped with foil. We had already packed the bag with towels and bathing suits. I already pounded the hell out of the beef steak I purchased and marinated it overnight. (ASIDE – I was annoyed that Costco did not have the cut of meat I usually buy – can’t name it – just know it by sight – yes I know – lame! So I had to buy a different cut – it wasn’t as tender so I had to tenderize it with my {plug} Pampered Chef meat tenderizer. I was scared to do this since the last time I performed such an operation I forgot to remove my left hand and pounded a nice chunk of skin and nail out of my left thumb. Don’t ask)

My point to the above paragraph was that at least I was prepared. So when my husband asked what time we were invited for and I answered 2:00, the expression on his face was priceless. He looked at me and then at the clock. I followed his eyes and it read 1:45!

“Alrighty then, everyone pee real quick and get in the car!”

Excedrin migrain – check.

Sinutab – check.

Bounce sheets – check.

Towels – check.

Bathing suits – check.

Camera – check.

Brownies – check.

Meat – check.

Water bottle – check.

So now my head is really splitting. My intention that morning was to sleep until the migraine went away. But it never did and I finally got up at 11 AM and showered. I took tons of meds to make it go away and it subsided a bit. Then I decided perhaps I did not consume enough water and this may explain why my back was aching more than usual too. So I bring the water along with me. (this proves to be stupid) I cut out Friday and Saturday’s Sudoku puzzles, yes I am addicted, to entertain myself on the drive there. I was thrilled that my husband did NOT have to work that day and would come along.  I was upset that my head was killing me and I still wouldn’t be able to drink!

I complete Friday’s puzzle in record time – even with my headache. I sip my water little by little. But by 3:00 I need to use the bathroom really bad! Travelling on Rt. 23 my husband exclaims, “Does any of this look familiar?”

“Yeah, yeah, just drive faster, we are going the right way.” Blessings, the exit!

He is sight-seeing, my eyes are turning yellow! At least it takes my mind off the pounding in my head!

Finally, 2 hours after departing, we arrive at #2’s house. We are greeting by #5a, “Don’t worry, we just got here too! Didn’t miss much!” I smile politely, give a quick kiss and say “gotta pee”. Yeah, I am that classy!

I notice the sign – I am happy!

I run inside, say hello to #2, she notices I am bouncing, and she says “go, go”!

Ahh relief! I get back to the kitchen, properly say hello. Everyone is happy my hubby made it (now I must write this in because at the time I did not know that his boss had called the night before and asked about work for that day. He turned it down to come to the BBQ! I am shocked since, hubby is a work-a-holic. I heard message today while clearing out the answering machine!)

Cousin #2 asks me what was the matter and I explain my headache.

“You too! That’s it; that makes 5 – ahh malocchio!” As she makes the motion. Her husband say’s “oh don’t you start that now.”

“No, it’s true – come on.” she protests, “this is too coincidental!”

And that is how our BBQ started!


Part II

My cousin’s house is right on the lake. Their backyard is a cove. It is just beautiful. It was so serene. The kids were playing by the lake and it wasn’t too bad. No one fell, not even one close call!

#1 was already there – he is single and lives a mere 1.5 miles away from #2 his sister!

#3 was already there – not sure what time she arrived. She is my sister and it took her a little bit over an hour.

I’m #4 and I told you my adventures in arrival.

#5 and 5a arrived at same time – not sure how long it took them to arrive, they live a bit of a distance away too. #5 is also a sibling to #2!

#6 calls and asks if we need anything. He would stop somewhere on Rt.23 if we needed anything. We tell him everything is good. We figure he should arrive in about 1/2 hour.  We make a joke that he is circling around the area – as it can be tricky to find the house. We joke but it ended up being true. He, 6a and 6b arrive over an hour after that call!

#7 is my brother and he was unable to make it!

#8 was already there as well. She is a regular commenter and I am sure she will add her narrative here!

#9 was there but his fiancee was not there yet. She arrived about an hour after I did. 9 is another sibling of 2!

Confused yet?


Part III

Being Italian, we ate!

We started with hamburgers and hotdogs with macaroni and potato salad and cole slaw. Did we have macaroni salad? My mind is faultering.

I had a cheeseburger with Swiss cheese!

My son thought that was it and he got full on that! Silly boy! We’re Italian – you would think after 14 years, he would realize this.

Conversation is good. We all talk about what could be the cause of our headaches! The ladies go inside and start to compare chest sizes. #6 gets upset because we basically are all related! Now he will have nightmares! My headache starts to subside a bit. I break open a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Hey, I don’t have to drive! Oops but my headache starts to come back so I finish that (can’t waste!) and revert back to water!

The men talk about hunting, work, and getting pulled over by cops for speeding. They also quote movies and tell jokes. Everything is good.

We all try to clothe #8’s child as she forgot to pack her bathing suit.  #8 is not concerned by this and lets her run around nakie – well with a diaper anyway! She is 3 so this if fine really. I offer my daughter’s (11) bathing suit and #6a offers her top to her bathing suit, but #8 declines!

6a takes it upon herself to make everyone hard drinks. Men are smoking cigars and the set-up for dinner begins.


Part IV

Dinner was chicken sates,  my marinated beef and 6’s marinated pork. #3 the vegetarian (well not really) made grilled veggies and we also had some salad next to the meat.  Food was delicious! Not sure who manned the grill most of the time. I think 1, 5a and 3a did most of it.

The buggies started to come out, so #2 put out citronella candles and I ran for my bounce sheets and passed them around. I got weird looks from everyone – but that is ok, I am used to it!  Needless to say, anyone with a bounce sheet knows – they did not get one bug bite! Works better than bug spray! Just tie one to your belt strap or stick one in your pocket or whatever and you are good to go. My son brings them to camp all the time! Works like a charm! 

Conversation still rolling, reminiscing about childhood and we even talked about the blog! My husband just rolled his eyes – he thinks I am nuts! He doesn’t communicate much – ironic that he is married to a communication major! I tell him all the time he can’t live on an island – metaphorically, as LOL we do live on an island! So blogging is not his thing! YET!

We also discuss 9 and 9a’s upcoming wedding. We are trying to figure out her something borrowed. We talked about St. Anne’s picnic – which is on my birthday! Not sure if I am going – #s 3 and 7 are not – they are my siblings and they cannot make the picnic for one reason or another. Oh 3 has a Baptism and 7 will be away. Can’t say where as it is a suprise for 7a!

We notice some fireworks in the sky, we gossip about the abandoned house nearby and 3b is running around with 6’s videocamera thinking she is recording things! (it was on pause mode most of the time!)

We had a nice midnight treat – well it was a bit before midnight, but 5, 5a, 9 and 9a brought over some filet mignon and 5 grilled it on the BBQ. It was served with bread sopping with butter. AHHH words can’t describe the pure delight it brought to all! But we were stuffed.

But wait, there was dessert, my brownies, and 5a’s Jif brownies and 9a’s did we figure out what it was called dessert! It was banana and cream and graham crackers (which I thought she said crappers!)

Quotes were flying around as well – my favorite was “I am a kitchen whore!” said by moi!


Part V

We never had council. This was a first. Not sure what happened. But it was decided that hosting will go in order. We still have 5 more cousins to host.






Usually we decide right there and then when to hold the next BBQ and who will host. We hit into a snag. #8 records the minutes every year. Would you believe the first year we had it on the 8th, the second on the 10th, the third on the 9th and here we are year 4 on the 8th again.

#7 missed 2nd Annual BBQ because 7a was in labor with 7b!

They missed it this year because it was their Godson’s 1st b’day bash.  They don’t want to miss next year. But it seems if we continue this pattern it will always be on 7b’s birthday weekend. So something has to be worked out and planned in advance.

So up for contention is 6 and 7. They will discuss between selves and come to decision and let us know.

Once the cycle is complete we will go back to the beginning.  So far is was

  • 3
  • 1
  • 8
  • 2
  • 6 or 7
  • 4, 8 or 9
  • 6 or 7
  • 4, 8 or 9
  • 4, 8 or 9


Part VI

Add comments – what did I miss – give us your rendition of the events!


Part VII




3A  did a lot of the cooking as well – so sorry to forget my brother-in-law but then again I forgot how much older my sister was than I so … (I throw my hands up in the air and sigh!)  🙂




19 Responses to “The Big Day!”

  1. Shirley Says:

    This is absolutely hilarious, although I must confess I skipped over some of it. My addled brain finally just could not handle anymore. 🙂

    I’m blogrolling you.


    Shirley Buxton

  2. way2much Says:


  3. way2much Says:

    Hi Shirley!
    Wow I just posted and you responded already! I didn’t think anyone could make heads or tails out of this! You may need to take some Excedrin migraine now yourself!

    Thanks for the blogroll! I’d like to do the same!

  4. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Okay, ROTFLMAO!!!!! I will definitely add to this but right now can’t! However, my house is a “naked house”, we curse and watch R rated movies with the kids! Well not really, maybe PG13! 😉

  5. leblue7/PourNoCoffee Says:

    I got lost somewhere among the #s!

  6. way2much Says:

    Sorry Leblue!
    The numbers are confusing, but my cousins insist that is the way to go! We can’t even keep it straight – needless to say there is a lot of imaginary “swinging” going on with the spouses as we are referring to them by the wrong numbers often! LOL At least the ones I refer to are NOT blood related!
    BTW – new blog? and not to be weird or anything – but I thought PourNoCoffee was male?

  7. way2much Says:

    UMM Kat?
    Do I need to call Social Services?

  8. V #5a Says:

    I can’t believe that you can keep all of our #’s straight. I had to go up and look to see who I was. You did a great job of narrating what went on. I think we should add this to the minutes that # 8 keeps.

  9. #7 Says:

    Good Job –only one question if the 1st Annual BBQ was on July 8th that means it was on a Tuesday July 8, 2003. I vote someone else takes over the minutes LMAO.

  10. way2much Says:

    Hmm, you know while reading the book over, I did notice that it wasn’t 7 yrs apart – as in the cycle of days -ok I am not figuring leap year but you get it. I have to check a calendar somewhere. Are you talking out of your hat like 3A?
    Cause he emailed me saying he manned the grill as well – I do a revision and read it over and I DO have him down! He must have swapped spouses too!

  11. leblue7/PourNoCoffee Says:

    Well, PourNoCoffee was my ex’s blog which I proofread so I kept up with almost everything thruout the semester.

  12. way2much Says:

    So you are telling me PourNoCoffee cheated! Just kidding!
    I am sorry (?) about the breakup. I don’t know him at all but I liked his blog alot! We seemed to share the same ideas and opinions.
    Anyway, your blog looks great! I love the pictures.
    I think I am the only one who kept up with the blogging thing or at least I was the only stupid one to keep the same blog! But I obtained a few regulars that I enjoy “conversing” with and didn’t want to shut down! So here I am! And it is still collecting on the class aggregator! LOL – I don’t know how to make it stop!
    Anyway, glad you still visit!

  13. EG #2 Says:

    I’m so Glad o hear that the 4th Annual Cousins party was a success.
    Good food, goood drink (although, need to have another case of water on hand)and good company. Everyone had a good time. Thanks again to 5 & 5a for the filet mignon. What a treat!

  14. Big A #1 Says:

    Aunt F is very grateful to you #4 for that bounce sheet idea! When see sees you, expect a big kiss and hug! now she can take care of the garden without spraying herself with those repellents that don’t seem to work!

  15. ~Kat #8 Says:

    Alright all you pain in the asses!!! Somehow my 5 got turned into an 8! THE FIRST BBQ WAS JULY 5, 2003. Does everybody agree? The second was July 10, 2004. The third was July 9, 2005 and this year July 8, 2006. Next year’s could possibly be July 7 or 14, 2007. Olivia’s BDay falls on a Wednesday (Hump Day!) So it can go either way.
    I promise the minutes will be typed up and in order for review at the Picnic. #1, please make sure our lawyers are present!

    P.S.- Jeremy’s First Communion will be on Saturday April 28, 2007 @ 1:00pm in St. Clare’s Church. Mark your calendars!

  16. way2much Says:

    EG – yes, everything was wonderful

    Big A – I would love big hugs and kisses from Aunt F! I will more than likely be at the picnic next Sunday! It will only be me and my daughter as hubby and jr. are going camping! What can I bring? My mom usually thinks this through and she said she would ask Aunt L but hmm… if anyone has suggestions let me know!

    Kat – “Jeremy’s First Communion will be on Saturday April 28, 2007 @ 1:00pm in St. Clare’s Church. Mark your calendars!” Now that is efficient and we CANNOT say we were not warned! I believe that was the same day – 4/28 Dan made his! That was 7 years prior so could very well be – must check my records!
    More than likely coming in to see family on Sunday!! Is that offer for the pool still open! It is supposed to be in the 90s!! I will only have Ericka since the other 2 will be camping already – 2 weeks!

  17. ~Kat #8 Says:

    COME ON OVER!!!!! My mother and I were just saying how we have no plans this weekend and that it was going to be soooo hot on Sunday! So I’ll give you the check then…I don’t have any stamps anyway! 🙂 My daughter probably still won’t be wearing a bathing suit so prepare yourself!

  18. way2much Says:

    You crack me up! Have you checked on the post about the 10 yr. old girl thing?? That is still going strong.
    Sounds good – I am in no rush for the check! Hopefully, I will have the goods by St. Anne’s. Oh and I have an extra mitt! Just one – do you want it? But I will be finding out on Monday what the new line is – perhaps there is a new and improved mitt!! We shall see! LOL

  19. Anthony Says:

    If you say the first picnic was on the 5th it was the 5th. I have no recollection to be quite honest. As for next year, was it decided that #6 was going to host. Just let me know for sure. You are correct her B-day is on hump day so it can go either way and we will try to plan accordingly. Wow St. Clare’s is efficient in that they notified you of the communion date already. I am impressed, but I do not think everyone could go –there may be limited tickets no? I’ll be at the party though for sure. Wow you are old your son is making communion. What is up with that?

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