Top Ten Things I Learned Over the Weekend!

  1. My 95 year old great-aunt is stronger than I.
  2. My great-grandparents on my mother’s side fled their country due to religious persecution.
  3. Actions indeed speak louder than words – but words can hurt – a lot.
  4. My husband thinks my daughter needs a bra – (duh he doesn’t realize she already wears one!)
  5. My parents think I am grossly overweight – well I already knew this but boy did they drive the point home this time.
  6. Things can happen right under your nose – like a Siberian Husky sneaking out of the garage while I am on my hands and knees pulling weeds and my nieces and daughter are playing on the lawn!
  7. My father does not find it humorous when he tells me I should cut my meal portion size down to half of my “normal” portion and I clarify that to mean eating only half a bag of Doritos!
  8. Hospitals don’t really want you resting comfortably! They want you awake and feeling every bit of pain possible!
  9. My son still possesses the knowledge of how to work a hospital bed – something he “learned” when he was 2 years 9 months old while visiting me and his newborn sister!
  10. No matter how bad I ‘think’ I have it, there are people worse than me such as “Jean” who is so confused, lost her keys, wants to die, and just wants to go home. (She lives in a nursing home, doesn’t have keys).  She broke my heart, asked me for help and for the first time – I felt completely helpless except to tell her that we will find them, why not relax and I am sure someone will come back with her keys!

2 Responses to “Top Ten Things I Learned Over the Weekend!”

  1. Anthony Says:

    Boy — that was touching believe it or not. Poor Jean.

  2. Elaine Says:

    You’re a clown!

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