I want to take time to smell the roses… among other things.

My life is rushed Way2Much.

I want to slow down and do some enjoyable things.

But first I need to take care of important matters such as organizing my basement and getting rid of all the items my family no longer needs.

When all that is said and done:

  1. I wish to read a book – finish it and read another – etc, etc.
  2. I wish to put all my puzzles together. I am in the middle of a puzzle of Jesus Christ.  I have Christmas themed puzzles and Thomas Kinkade puzzles as well.
  3. I wish to plant and maintain a vegetable garden.
  4. I wish to expand my flower garden.
  5. I wish to work on my scrapbooks.  I want to make my own fabric covered scrapbooks as well. 
  6. I wish to work on a room dedicated to arts and crafts and get back to my artistic nature. (been lying dormant for far too long)
  7. I wish to go on a long bike ride or for a walk every day.
  8. I want to spend every morning at the beach – just for a few hours to start the day peacefully walking along the shore.
  9. I wish to take a cooking class and learn different meal solutions, even those out of the ordinary. I am tired of the same old routine.
  10. I wish to get back to baking all those tempting and delicious cookies and desserts I used to prepare.  (I need an oven first!)

These are just a few of my many wishes.  Tell me what yours are! We can dream together! (sounds like a singles ad – doesn’t it! – this is FAR from it – I am happily married  8)


One Response to “I want to take time to smell the roses… among other things.”

  1. Gail Hoyos Says:

    I have enjoyed your blog. Please take a look at mine about gardening

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