I am not fashionable!

I wear what I deem comfortable.

I wear what fits!

I make do with what is in my closet.

But then I have to get ready for a wedding!

A family wedding.






Something else?

How much do I put in the card?

What does that have to do with what to wear? It has nothing to do with it, but it adds to the stress!

So I refuse to buy anything new. I am trying to lose weight, why would I buy something that I would only wear once – hopefully.  Hmm.  I should have gone shopping, because here it is one night before the wedding and I am second-guessing my decision.  I always do this!

I have two dresses.  A full length gown that touches the floor when I walk.  It has crinoline under it making the dress come out like Belle’s in Beauty and the Beast. It is my favorite color lavender. It is halter top with sequence on it.  My boobs look tremendous in them. I don’t need a bra and I have shoes that work well with it.  The problem is my husband says I look like a bridesmaid wannabe.  He says that with this dress I look like I am in the wedding party and with my other dress I look like I am a guest.  I decide on dress #2 because you want your husband’s support.

Bull shit.

Dress #2 is sleeveless.  It is form-fitting and is navy blue with sparkles (that get everywhere).  I had no shoes to match nor did I have a purse to carry.  It is short. On one side it is knee length and the other side it gradually gets longer to calf length.  It is not handkerchief bottom, not really.  The dress is high to the neck.  I was happy with my decision until tonight.  I went shopping this afternoon and got silver sandals and a silver handbag.  I bought a nice bracelet and earrings to match (silver and diamond-ish [as in not real])

So tonight I tell my mom I decided on the short dress and she says “oh” like as in why the hell did you decide that?  Hence the second-guessing myself.

I realize my husband probably doesn’t want everyone focusing their attention on a certain area of my body that this gown accentuates.  That’s all I have. That’s the only reason why I think he told me to go with #2 unless his reason is legit!

I am not comfortable with my weight, but I think I have nice legs. If I wore the lavender gown, it hides my best asset, but brings out (literally) my second best!  I just hope I put this blue dress on and I am pleased with how I look.  The more I think of it, the more I realize there will never be another time I can wear the lavender gown. I had purchased it last year thinking I would wear it for this occasion along with the one I purchased it for – justifying my purchase at the time.  But I forgot this until now!

I was too concerned that I looked too bridesmaidish that I didn’t bother taking it to the cleaners or anything. I could have asked them to cut out the crinoline, and see how it looked but it is too late now.  Why did I listen to my husband?

And why can’t I make a fashion decision on my own!  AGGHHH


3 Responses to “I am not fashionable!”

  1. Elaine Says:

    (sheepish grin)
    I am glad I listened to him! He does have some good sense about him, even if he would prefer to dress me in a potato sack so no one else can admire any assets I may have.

    But I bought some undergarments and put the outfit all together and I am pleased. So here I am all dressed for the wedding and just waiting for the time to leave! I don’t have a full length mirror so I have no idea how it all comes together, but I think it is fine.

    The lavendar dress (I put it on again) just makes me look boxy as well. This blue dress was definitely the right choice. 😛

  2. Congratulations Rob and Jenn - The Cocktail Hour! « Way 2 Much Says:

    […] After my meltdown over what to wear, a new problem arose.  How to be in 4 places at one time?  Unfortunately to help out with the situation, I had to forfeit seeing the actual ceremony – so I will leave it up to my other cousin’s comments to fill in on that aspect of the wedding.  I heard little Nicholas was adorable! I hope I get to see the video! […]

  3. Elaine Says:

    LOL –
    I had no full length mirror at home to see the outfit all together. But my goodness there were full length mirrors everywhere at the reception hall – but I avoided looking at them!
    There were mirrors everywhere including the ceiling – YUP look up – ooh there you are and there is everyone’s cleavage as well!

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