Congratulations Rob and Jenn – The Cocktail Hour!

On August 26 my cousin married his girlfriend of 8 years!  Welcome to this crazy family Jenn!

After my meltdown over what to wear, a new problem arose.  How to be in 4 places at one time?  Unfortunately to help out with the situation, I had to forfeit seeing the actual ceremony – so I will leave it up to my other cousin’s comments to fill in on that aspect of the wedding.  I heard little Nicholas was adorable! I hope I get to see the video!

My son had to be at a mandatory fund raiser for football; my daughter was invited to her best friend’s party.  Everything was OK – my father-in-law was going to watch my kids and be there when Dan was dropped off at 2 and then he was going to pick my daughter up at 4.  My husband and I had to leave by 1 to get to the Church by 3. If we left any later we would be taking our chances.  My car windshield had a chip in it and we needed to fix it before any long trips.  We had an appointment that morning.  Everything was going fine until things started to unravel. Not entirely sure what happened but needless to say we couldn’t leave at 1 so we just hung out until 4.  No sense going at 2 and missing the ceremony and hanging around until the reception.

Surprisingly the GWB was clear and we got to the reception at 5:20.  One hour ahead of time, but they let us in anyway.  Can you believe there were others there!

I started the evening with a White Russian (Kahlua, vodka and milk) I love Kahlua! Erick and I were chatting; we snagged the table right next to one of the bars. This was the first time we got a table at a cocktail hour.  All you know how difficult it is to hold a plate, and a drink and try to figure out how you are going to eat the food. It is damn near impossible, so for us to find a table and near the bar, it was a dream come true! 

There were two young waitresses working. One was a bit upset that people were there early.  She stopped at the bar and seductively ate a cherry – you know the way, lifting her head up and raising her hand with the cherry dangling and lowering it to her lips. Yeah – bimbo! She wasn’t doing it for the sake of the bartender – he was old enough to be her grandfather and not that good-looking I might add. And do not tell me that is how she eats cherries at home!  My husband noticed.  She scored one!  Floozie. 

The ladies – uhm I mean waitresses then went to where all our name cards were and started to fill up glasses with drinks. I was not sure what they were making, but I was content with my drink.  My memory is fuzzy here, cause I am not sure if I was on my first or second drink at that time.  But look, here comes my brother and sister and their spouses.  We wave to them and they bring in these martinis. They are so bright and colorful! I am told the blue tastes like jello and the green is better.  I taste both. 

Oh look here comes Kat and Alex!  Aunt L and Uncle J is behind and so is mom and dad.  We all cram by the two tables we snagged!  Food is finally being brought out – well I say finally, but it is on time!  I am starving, so I jump right in there.  Only hot food? I was in such a mood for cheese and veggies. 😦

I had some lobster ravioli, penne ala vodka, tortellini alfredo, fried calamari, sausage and broccoli rabe, chicken and mushrooms, geesh and other stuff, I can’t remember!  I decided to fill myself at the cocktail hour because seriously that is the best food.  The dinners are hit or miss!

Now I do not remember how many colorful drinks I had! Not more than 3.  Kat left her green one at our table while she was sucking down some raw clams oysters! She was drinking another green drink.  “Hey, you snooze you lose, that drink is now mine” I tell her.  I drink it! I was then introduced to White Chocolate Martinis.  Oh my goodness, these things are awesome!  I think I may have had 2 or 3.  Yes, you are reading this correctly, I am now on my #6 or #8 drink – I lost count! In one hour! I am giddy!

I go up for seconds because I think I need some absortion in my stomach for all this alcohol and I am just hungry and acting like a glutton!  I hear there is another room open.  WHAT?  I fill up one plate and head to the next room! 😛

Here we are!

Cheese heaven!  My brother encourages me to try a California Roll. I never had sushi, so I go ahead.  I should have tried the spicy tuna, but I didn’t. There were shrimp, lobster, veggies, more raw fish, cheese and other goodies!  I grab some shrimp, lobster, carrots and a slice of blueberry cheese – at least that is what I think it is! I grab some strawberries too.

Conversation is good.  Food is delicious and the drinks are flowing! Erick is just having ginger ale and is taking it easy.  His stomach wasn’t feeling that great. I was feeling fine!

And then the lights flickered…


16 Responses to “Congratulations Rob and Jenn – The Cocktail Hour!”

  1. The Wedding Singer! « Way 2 Much Says:

    […] Stay tuned for more info – but right now enjoy reading about the cocktail hour! […]

  2. #6 Says:

    Not for nothing but #3 and #4 drank a lot. At the end of the night I had #3 praising me (You had to be there. It was funny. With three kids you needed it). #4 was spitting out dirty comments at everyone. You both looked like you were having a good time. Oh oh! Your father’s watching. LOL!
    So that’s what it looks like on the other side of the fence. I certainly enjoyed your company.

  3. ~Kat #8 Says:

    First of all, they weren’t clams, they were oyters. And second of all, YOU’RE AN ALCOHOLIC!!! LOL
    I didn’t want to drink too much because I didn’t want to end up with a splitting migraine. That’s what usually happens when I drink. But, I did like the green ones!

    The ceremony was really nice. The priest spoke english! And I think he has a second job as a stand up comedian! He was really funny. Reminded me of Martin! (The other guy from Bad Boys…Not Will Smith) And we didn’t have to stare at Rob & Jenn’s backs! They were sitting facing us right next to the altar. Everything was beautiful! The priest did mention that we practically knocked eachother over trying to see Jenn for the fist time coming down the aisle! There was a lot of people at the church.
    My father was elected leader for the people to follow back to the hotel from the church. Anthony is annoyed that my dad did’t use his signals! Everyone kept up!

    Kat & Alex hotel room: Michael & Tracy are already dressed so they leave so Alex & I can strip! We get dressed in record time bc we think there is only one shuttle and it is leaving at 5:30. It is 5:12! I put on my brand new shoes and the strap breaks!!! MMMMMOOOOOOOMMMMMMYYYYY!!!!! In record time she is there with a thimble and needle and sewing away! Fixed! (She’s so domesticated! LOL She can take care of anything!) Quick makeup touch up and we’re off!

    Cocktail hour was amazing! I wish I knew about the second room! I would have eaten nothing but the raw oysters for 1 1/2 hours! I love that they had those drinks right at the door! What a beginning to a great night!
    Now get on with the wedding part. I have to fill you in on the after party hotel stuff!

  4. Elaine Says:

    ahhh I forgot about the after party!
    I just happened to drink A LOT that night! 😛
    I am tired of feeling inadequate on the dance floor and I wanted to drink enough not to care! I didn’t want to drink that much but the damn martinis were so good!
    Plus Erick doesn’t think I was that loaded – he said I can’t let loose enough in front of my father! LOL #6 I knew he was watching!

  5. And for the very first time ever I’d like to introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. —-! « Way 2 Much Says:

    […] But first, after the cocktail hour or so was up, the lights flickered to inform us to proceed to the next room. I grabbed that green martini that Kat gave up and headed to the main room.  I knew I was at Table #6 – hey Mike got the table named after him!  Us cousins were all together, except for the siblings of the groom. […]

  6. Elaine Says:

    How coulda I fohrget…
    ofa Carlos
    during the cockateal hour!

    You did a great job!
    I always enjoyed visiting them in PA – they are such pure spirited individuals – what a shame that tragedy happens to a couple like that. It was nice to see them at the wedding.

  7. Big A #1 Says:

    Ok after the wedding, I checked into the hotel and then changed. I went down to the bar where the father of the bride (Harry) had an open bar until 1am. Had a few drinks then Harry left and my canadian cousins show up with my parents. Needless to say, more drinking til 2am when they closed the bar! I hate jersey for that! We try to con the bartender into staying open for another hour at least but no go. We take the party outside the hotel where Uncle Joe and Aunt Lena, Evangeline and Paul, Michael, Tracey, Steve, Johnny, Hammuda, kathrine, Alex, Gene, Veronica, and cousin Joe were. Joe decides he’s in the mood for White Castle’s and Veronica offers to drive him there with my car. They are gone for 45 minutes! they come back and say White Castle’s is closed but we went to a diner and got goodies! Mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, wings, and other things I can’t remember. We party until abuty 3:10am and then retire to our rooms. I woke at 8am as I needed to be ready to take my parents and the Canadian cousins back to my house (yea I was not a happy camper)for mre eating and drinking (ok that wasn’t bad) but they wanrted to leave for home early and they left at 2pm. I thought they were going to stay until Monday but, oh well. At least Rob, Jenn, Tom, and Veronica got a nice sauce dinner complete with lamb in the sauce (I haven’t had that in years!), it was marvelous! Afterwards, Rob and Jenn leave to pack, T&V are staying over my house and pack as well. I woke up at 5:30am Monday morning in time to see them leave in the limo. By the way, they landed in Mexico safely.

  8. ~Kat #8 Says:

    I couldn’t have told that story better! A couple of things I noticed the next morning: Chicken wing bones in the flowers along with empty packs of cigarettes and Gene’s empty glass! My mother took it and couldn’t wait to fill it when she got home. Seriously, she had a drink as soon as we walked in the door! If it wasn’t raining, she probably would have had one of my father’s cigars to go along with it!
    Also, it may have taken them 45 min. to get the food, but it only took us 5 min. to eat it all!!! It was a good night. Thanks again Joe and V!!! I think we were lucky white castle’s was closed. Or else the next morning we would have all been stuck in our bathrooms!!! LOL

  9. Elaine Says:

    When the hell did the shuttle come? Was there only one shuttle and if you miss it you are out of luck? Come on now, you are holding out on me.
    Were there any socks on the doorknob?

  10. Elaine Says:

    “Seriously, she had a drink as soon as we walked in the door!”
    I love your mother – but you call me an alcoholic!!?

  11. Anthony Says:

    Two things — who the hell is Carlos — you either mean Carla or Tony. Second i introduced you to the Chocolate Martini’s cause I know you like that damn Kahlua and Milk. Third — What were my naughty naughty sisters doing that I did not know about? Fourth you forgot to add that your brother could not Conga to save his life. Did I mention that I think the Gray Cliff (was that the name of it) is affiliated with the Grand Marquis. I was dying to go to a wedding at the Grand Marquis (other than my own) and now I can kind of say I did. I had a good time, was able to drive home and had no hangover. Went to bed at 2:00am and got up at 10:30am for the first time in 2 years. Thank you Mom (MIL for taking the girls overnight)What a beautiful thing?

  12. Week 7: Wednesday’s Meals/Activities and Conditions « Here’s To My “Hell”th Says:

    […] NOTE: I weighed myself because Yes, I am obsessed with it and was extremely pissed that I gained two pounds – but I dropped the 2 lbs. and that was after breakfast – so I am not doing as badly as I thought. It must have been the 10 or so martinis from the weekend and all the shrimp and lobster I ate during the cocktail hour! […]

  13. Aunt L Says:

    I’ve got to jump in here. First, thanks Kat for ratting me out about the glass but I couldn’t resist – did you see how much Gene enjoyed that drink with his cigar? It was because of the glass! And another thing, Elaine, it was the last of my 18-year-old Scotch (thanks again, Ant #1) – alcoholics don’t drink that, only connoisseurs do! Anyway, that after-party with all you young folks was fun!

    Next, #6 did me proud for not getting ….. er, tipsy, and #6.1 never lets me down when it’s time to dance. No matter what kind of weird dancing I’m doing, she makes me feel like a regular Lisa Rinna (anybody?) cheering me on with all her woo-hoo-ing. (Kat says I dance like I’m in an aerobics class – which I don’t think is a bad thing.)

    Elaine, if you drank too much, I never noticed. I did notice that you were having a good time. As a matter of fact, your whole table was having a good time. That’s all I’m going to say about that!

    And, lastly, we’ve got to come up with some reason to have another one of these celebrations. Anybody?

  14. Elaine Says:

    Boy I am getting a beating on this post!

    Ant, OK OK – so it was Tony – Tony, not Carlos – I was thinking Carla – and Carlos came out. I think I will change his name forever! He should be a Carlos. OK beating a dead horse here. I was referring to Mike’s impersonation of Tony!

    Aunt L – why did you thank Ant when referring to your 18 year old Scotch. I don’t have Scotch that long – I don’t drink it – Erick doesn’t drink it – but my dad does! 😛
    And you do dance wonderfully! I am jealous! I think you are better than Lisa!
    In addition, you are a connoisseur – I will admit – although it was you who introduced me to Kahlua and Milk at a mere age of – oh I don’t know – I’ll go out on a limb here and say 10!! 😉
    (For all those about to call child services it was a drop of Kahlua and a full glass of milk – but boy did it flavor the boring white stuff!)
    Perhaps my 15th – I have to check into it.

  15. Aunt L Says:

    Elaine, you’re too funny! I didn’t have the Scotch for 18 years – the Scotch is aged 18 years, and I thanked Ant #1 because he gave it to me (us) last Christmas. Please note: it lasted 8 months!

    I think it would be great to commemmorate your 15th with a big wedding-like celebration. I will be happy to design another wedding gown for you and I will even supply the Scottissue! (Remind me to give you pictures, btw.)

  16. Elaine Says:

    HA HA Aunt Lena – see how much I know!
    8 months is good – I keep my Scotch that long too – except my dad only visits 4 times – if that much in that time frame! 😉
    He finished my one bottle the other night and he went after the Jack Daniels – but it was too much to finish off – he wanted Erick to say – what the hell? how much did he have to drink?!
    Naturally, I have a back-up bottle waiting, but Dad then went to wine!

    What would be awesome is if my house was totally renevoted by June and we can party here! I can’t wait until I am able to entertain! But my floorplan doesn’t allow for too many people to occupy the house at once – not to mention we only have the one bathroom! AGGHHH

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